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Support after purchase

Request when receiving the product

  • As soon as you receive the product, please check the product, quantity and contents compared with the delivery note.
  • If the product is damaged or different from your order, please contact us immediately. If there is a request after more than a week has passed from receipt of the delivery, we may not be able to accept the claim.
  • Please keep the delivery note and warranty included with the product in a safe place. Some products do not have the dealer's seal on the warranty card, but please be assured that there is no difference in the warranty details.
  • Please note that, if you cannot provide a warranty card, some manufacturers and distributors may charge for repairs even within the warranty period.

Sound House warranty policy

Warranty details

Sound House has a three-year warranty to help customers buy products with peace of mind. If use is based on the precautions, such as those laid out in the instruction manual and printed on the product warning label, repairs will be free of charge for failures that occur during normal use.

  • If any one of the following is applicable, repair costs are not covered by this warranty.
    1. In the case of a failure caused by improper handling (e.g., wire shortages, damage, voice coil burn).
    2. If repairs have already been made outside Sound House or a service center advised by the specified manufacturer or agency
    3. Failures and damages caused by adjustments or repairs performed by the customer, or any modifications to the product
    4. In case of failure or damage due to natural disasters (fire, salt air damage, gas damage, earthquake, lightning strike, storm and flood damage, etc.)
    5. When the product is regarded as having failed or been damaged due to foreign matter adhering to or flowing into the product for any reason
    6. When it is regarded as a failure or damage due to an external impact such as having been dropped
    7. When it is regarded as a failure or damage due to use of an abnormal voltage or an unspecified power supply (eg, abnormal voltage fluctuation due to use of a generator, etc.)
    8. When replacement of consumable parts (battery, light bulb, fuse, vacuum tube, belt, various parts, guitar strings, etc.) is required
    9. In the case of a failure that has occurred due to insufficient maintenance due to the nature of the product (eg clogging of stage production equipment such as smoke machines, equipment cleaning, cable replacement, etc.)
    10. Consumables such as cables, sticks and picks
    11. In other cases where a product is deemed out of warranty at the discretion of the manufacturer or distributor
    12. When the manufacturer has stopped selling the product, or has stopped supplying parts and services
    13. When parts supply from the manufacturer has stopped and parts can no longer be purchased
    14. If the manufacturer is effectively bankrupt, out of business, or withdrawn from existing business
    15. Products whose manufacturer sets the warranty period to less than one year (e.g., headphones or earphones)
  • Precautions

    The Sound House guarantee is valid only in Japan. Under no circumstances will Sound House be liable for any damage arising from product specifications and malfunctions (peripheral equipment damage, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other financial damage, etc.).

Warranty period

  • ・Sound House 3 year warranty (excluding some products)
  • ・Restrictions by manufacturers and distributors
    1. Depending on the product, there may be restrictions on the warranty period and the criteria covered by the warranty. In such a case, this warranty provision shall be applied according to the manufacturer and agency warranty.
    2. Some manufacturers and distributors may require warranty cards to be provided as a condition of receiving a free warranty repair within the warranty period. If you do not provide the card, you may be charged for repairs even during the warranty period.

Initial failure

  • The following conditions must be met in order to return the product for the initial failure after receiving the product:
    1. After purchase, you must contact Sound House regarding initial failure within one week of receiving the item.
    2. Sound House customer support or the manufacturer will confirm initial failure.
    3. All packing materials, boxes, warranty card, accessories, etc. at the time of purchase are available.
    * The final decision on whether to replace or repair the product is made by Sound House or the manufacturer.

Receipt of repaired products and initially defective products

Before returning products for repairs or other products to us

  • Before returning the product to Sound House, please contact Sound House Support regarding symptoms such as failure, initial failure, or damage.
  • After confirming the details, we will issue an RA number (return receipt number) necessary for returning the product.
  • If you do not return the item within 2 weeks after the RA number has been issued, the claim will be cancelled.

Points to note when returning products

  1. For products with a warranty card, please send the warranty card to Sound House along with a detailed note of the failure, delivery address, and phone number.
  2. Please fill in the “RA number” in the remarks column of the shipping invoice and paste the invoice on the box of the product to be shipped. Please do not write anything on the outer box of the product.
  3. When shipping a repaired product, pay sufficient attention to the packaging so that damage will not occur during transportation.
  4. Even if the product arrives at our company, If Sound House Support has not been contacted in advance, the returned product cannot be accepted.
  5. If the reason for returning the product is unknown or not included, the storage period at our company will be one week, and products that have exceeded the storage period will be returned cash on delivery.
  6. Please note that accessories that are not related to repair cannot be held by Sound House.
  7. Information stored by the user, in cases such as digital devices, may be lost during repair. Please note that we are not responsible for this. Please back up the necessary information before returning the product.

About shipping costs

  • In general, you will be responsible for all expenses required for sending and bringing in repairs. However, in the case of initial failure confirmed in advance and repair within the warranty range, you can send it by cash on delivery only for Sagawa Express (the following RA number is required). In the case of remote islands such as Okinawa, we do not accept cash on delivery.

RA number (return authorization number)

  • For returning cash on delivery for initial failure or repair within warranty, an RA number issued by our support team is required. When returning, be sure to include the RA number in the remarks column of the shipping invoice.

Repair period

  • It usually takes 1-14 days for repair. (Overseas repair may take about 1 to 3 months.)
  • If the same part fails again within 3 months from the date of repair completion, we will repair it free of charge.

Direct support by manufacturers

  • Depending on the product, you may be asked to contact the manufacturer or distributor directly for repairs or inquiries.


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