• AMERICAN DJ / Focus Spot 2X moving head available!

    AMERICAN DJ / Focus Spot 2X moving head available!


    AMERICAN DJ 「Focus Spot 2X」

    AMERICAN DJ / Focus Spot 2X is a moving head spot equipped with 100W White LED and 3W UV LED. The prism wheel has six circular prisms and six linear prisms. You can easily replace the GOBO. In addition, the beam angle can be changed from 16 degrees to 19 degrees with the zoom wheel, which is on the lower front of the moving head. It is recommended for various applications such as clubs, theaters and concerts.
  • YAMAHA "FG / FS Red Label" acoustic guitar Spring Campaign!



    A spring campaign has begun! Those who purchase the “FG / FS Red Label Series” and register as a Yamaha Music Members member (registration is free) will receive guitar peripherals that can be used for home practice and in live performances!

    The FG Red Label series is a new model that evolved from the "FG" series, which is commonly thought of as the origin of Yamaha folk guitars, but with a sound and modern design suited to the modern music scene. The Sitka spruce top with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement), which provides a rich sound as if the instrument has been played for many years despite being brand new, full-solid mahogany side & back that has an attractive warm mid-low range. It is recommended for a wide range of playing styles, from powerful strokes to detailed finger picking.

    ■ Present details
    ・ FGX5 / FSX5 -- Yamaha "THR5A" guitar amplifier
    ・ FG5 -- Access Stage Three "AB3DA1" Dreadnought type bag
    ・ FS5 -- Access Stage Three "AB3SA1" Small size bag
    ・ FGX3 / FSX3 / FG3 / FS3 -- D & A Gig "GS0200" stand for acoustic guitar

    ■ Eligibility and conditions
    Those who purchase the target product during the campaign period from February 15, 2020 (Saturday) to March 31, 2020 (Tuesday).
    * To apply for your present, you need to upload an image of the documents (warranty, receipt, etc.) proving the model, date of purchase and shop where you purchased the instrument.
    * Quantities are limited. Campaign will end as soon as supplies are depleted.

    ■ Application period
    February 15, 2020 (Sat) 09:00 - April 10, 2020 (Fri) 23:59

    Campaign site
  • PLAYTECH wind instruments now in stock!

    PLAYTECH wind instruments now in stock!


    PLAYTECH wind instruments have outstanding cost performance. You can buy instruments that are generally expensive at affordable PLAYTECH prices! Each instrument is inspected before shipment and repair & adjustment after purchase are supported by our knowledgeable staff.

    PLAYTECH 「Oboe PTOB200」
    Like high-end models, it is equipped with a third octave key allowing you to fully performance in brass band and orchestras, making it seem out of place in the 60,000 yen range.

    PLAYTECH 「Eb clarinet PTCL200E」
    You can buy Eb clarinet, which offers many opportunities for various activities, in the 10,000 yen range.
    The use of leather pads has further improved the thickness and airtightness of the sound.

    PLAYTECH 「Marching baritone PTMB200S」
    For outdoor performances such as sports events!
    The front bell and thick tube achieve both dynamic sound and blowing ease. It is smaller than the Marching Euphonium.

    PLAYTECH 「Marching melophone PTMP200S」
    Equipped with a trumpet shank and also includes a trumpet mouthpiece, horn mouthpiece and adapter.

    PLAYTECH 「Tenor bass trombone PTSL301」
    A tenor bass trombone equipped with a mechanical rotary.
    Because of its thin tube, even beginners can easily produce sound. It has been favored in a wide range of genres such as brass band, orchestra and jazz.

  • From PLAYTECH, S-S-H spec strat-type released!

    From PLAYTECH, S-S-H spec strat-type released!


    The PLAYTECH "ST250" strat-type electric guitar has a new model with an S-S-H pickup arrangement! Recommended for those who want a powerful lead sound in a strat-type guitar. A colorful lineup to choose from, with maple or rosewood fingerboards!

  • iZotope plugin limited special price!

    iZotope plugin limited special price!


    iZotope 「Special price plugin lists」

    Popular iZotope plug-ins are on sale at limited special prices! The campaign includes many popular items, such as Nectar 3, which automatically adjust the EQ and compressors by analyzing the frequency and volume of the vocal track. Various cross-grade versions are also available for those who already have the paid iZotope plugin! In addition, the Black Friday Bundle, a set of popular plugins, is back for only a limited period. Do not miss this great opportunity!
  • BEHRINGER RD-8 analog rhythm machine now available!

    BEHRINGER RD-8 analog rhythm machine now available!


    BEHRINGER 「RD-8 analog rhythm machine」

    BEHRINGER RD-8 analog rhythm machine is now available. The RD-8 has a high-quality analog sound engine. Also equipped with a powerful 64-step drum sequencer that supports step repeat / note repeat / real-time triggers. It can be used for various applications from live performance to production!
  • PreSonus StudioLive AR8 / AR16 Mixer bag present!

    PreSonus StudioLive AR8 / AR16 Mixer bag present!


    PRESONUS 「StudioLive AR8 USB」
    PRESONUS 「StudioLive AR16 USB」

    PreSonus StudioLive AR Series mixer bag gift campaign is almost finished. With the release of the ARc series, the AR8 and AR16 are the last models left for this campaign. Basic specifications are almost the same as ARc. (Bluetooth and microphone preamp are different) Do not miss the last chance to get the bag free!
  • AMERICAN DJ / Focus Spot 6Z moving head now available!

    AMERICAN DJ / Focus Spot 6Z moving head now available!


    AMERICAN DJ 「Focus Spot 6Z」

    AMERICAN DJ / Focus Spot 6Z is a moving head spot equipped with 300W Cool White LED. It has GOBO wheels and color wheels, which allow a wide range of expression. It is also equipped with motorized focus, motorized zoom, motorized iris, prism, and frost filters. In addition, the beam angle can be changed from 9 degrees to 28 degrees. It is ideal for nightclubs and stages, and so on.
  • Clay animation artist loved by Frank Zappa

    Clay animation artist loved by Frank Zappa


    This is a special edition of "Kivi-sensei's Western music classroom", in which he uses lyrics of Western music to teach English. A big fan of "Rush", Mr. Kivi and his student, Sach-chan, discuss the song "Losing It", while mourning the loss of drummer Neil Peart, who passed away recently. sukuta takafumi reviews the IBANEZ TSV808 effector in detail with video. Kazuhiko Holy talks about the dressing room of a live house from the perspective of a band man. In The Mysterious Music Box, you'll learn about Frank Zappa's beloved clay animator, Bruce Bickford. Again, please enjoy reading at SOUND HOUSE, where we have plenty of articles from various fields.

    RUSH - Losing It: "Kivi-sensei's Western Music Classroom Special Edition"
    [Ibanez × Vemuram TSV808] Distortion that compensates for the weaknesses of the Tube Screamer
    An active bandman talks -Live house dressing rooms-
    Fringe writer's animation fascinating musicians !?
    The Mysterious Music Box
  • LOGOS 1 pole seat now available!

    LOGOS 1 pole seat now available!


    LOGOS Airlight 1 pole seat is now available! With this item, you can relax even in places where there are no chairs. It is ideal for outdoor festivals and events, where you have to move around and wait in line for a long time. The 2020 Olympics are the perfect occasion. The height can be adjusted in three stages. Also, the storage bag, which can also be used as a cushion, can be stored under the seat. It is very compact. Please check it out!

    LOGOS "Airlight 1 Pole Seat - BJ"

    The taller type is also available!
    LOGOS "Airlight 1 Pole Seat - High Position"



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