• 4 popular TASCAM recorder Outlet products in stock!!

    4 popular TASCAM recorder Outlet products in stock!!


    Four popular TASCAM recorder outlet products are available!! The "CD-A580" professional cassette recorder/CD player supports recording & playback of cassette tapes and recording & playback with USB memory. The "MD-CD1MKIII" allows for the CD player and MD recorder to be operated independently and used simultaneously for continuous playback and up to 4x speed dubbing from CD to MD, and is also easy to use. The 2ch "SS-CDR250N" and "SS-R250N" digital audio recorders/players are equipped with an FTP client/server function that can automatically upload recorded data and download sound materials. All are limited in number, so please consider as soon as possible !!

    TASCAM「CD-A580 outlet」
    TASCAM「MD-CD1MKIII outlet」
    TASCAM「SS-CDR250N outlet」
    TASCAM「SS-R250N outlet」
  • [10/17 only! ] PayPay Jumbo Maximum full cash back!

    [10/17 only! ] PayPay Jumbo Maximum full cash back!


    The PayPay Jumbo will be held as the opening event for the "Super PayPay Festival"! If you place an order with PayPay as the payment method during the campaign period, a draw will be held in which up to 100% of the paid amount will be returned. PayPay is an online payment service that allows you to easily and profitably pay with just a smartphone. This PayPay Jumbo is available for payments between 0:00 to 23:59 on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Please take this opportunity.

    * A draw will be held when payment is made by the applicable method, and the winners will be given a PayPay bonus with the following contents.
    1st prize 100%, 2nd prize 10%, 3rd prize 2%. The maximum payback will be up to an equivalent of 100,000 yen during the time period.
    * The PayPay bonus will be provided at a later date. No withdrawal / transfer. For details, please check the PayPay special site.

    PayPay special site
  • ZOOMポッドキャスト対応マルチトラックレコーダーPodTrak P8 新発売!!

    ZOOMポッドキャスト対応マルチトラックレコーダーPodTrak P8 新発売!!


    ZOOM 「PodTrak P8」

    ZOOMより、ポッドキャスト番組の制作に必要とされるすべての機能を備えたマルチトラックレコーダー「PodTrak P8」が新登場!! 日本語表示にも対応する4.3インチのフルカラー・タッチスクリーンを搭載し、シンプルで直感的な操作を実現。6つのマイク入力とヘッドホン出力を備え、最大6人分のポッドキャスト収録が可能です。また高品位マイクプリアンプを搭載し、出演者の声をクリアに録音することができます。1台でプロフェッショナルな番組制作を快適に行うことができる、オールインワン・ポッドキャストスタジオです!!
  • 10% OFF Coupon for Saramonic Handy Recorder

    10% OFF Coupon for Saramonic Handy Recorder


    A coupon for up to 10% OFF the Saramonic "SR-Q2" handy recorder is now available!! "SR-Q2" has a built-in XY stereo microphone, and is ideal for video recording, field recording, music production, video streaming, and so on. It's an easy-to-use linear PCM recorder that can also be used with an external microphone. Please consider this opportunity!!

    ■ Period: Until 9/17 (Thursday)
    ■ Coupon code: [8426]
    ■ Target products Saramonic / SR-Q2
  • PayPayで10%バック+抽選で全額バック 「ペイペイジャンボ」9月開始!

    PayPayで10%バック+抽選で全額バック 「ペイペイジャンボ」9月開始!


    PayPay has announced a payback campaign for PayPay users returning 10% of the payment amount as a PayPay bonus. In addition, the "PayPay Jumbo" campaign will be held at the same time, in which the entire amount of the payment will be returned by lottery as a PayPay bonus! PayPay is an online payment service that allows you to pay easily with your smartphone. "PayPay Jumbo" is applicable for all payments using PayPay from 9:00am on September 1, 2020 to 11:59pm on September 30, 2020. Please take this opportunity.

    * If you use PayPay for a payment during the campaign period, only 1% S points will be granted as a rule. (Some products are not eligible for S points).
    * PayPay payments at our showroom are not covered by PayPay Jumbo.
    * The maximum amount returned will be 10% for "a total of about 5,000 yen at most within the period from September 1st to September 30th" for the payback campaign, and "a total of about 100,000 yen at most within the period from September 1st to September 30th" for PayPay Jumbo. Please contact PayPay for campaign details.

    Regarding the campaign (Japanese)
    How to use PayPay (Japanese)
  • SARAMONIC smartphone microphones and handheld recorders now in stock!

    SARAMONIC smartphone microphones and handheld recorders now in stock!


    Wireless microphone systems for SLRs and smartphones, with transmitters and receivers that are compact and easy to carry are now in stock. You can quickly set up a recording environment anywhere. In addition, a variety of other products including the "Smart V2M" palm-sized all-in-one recording system, the "SmartRig Series" audio interface that allows you to connect guitars, microphones, and so on, to your smartphone, and the "SR-Q2" handy recorder with built-in XY stereo microphone. The entire lineup of products utilizes Saramonic advanced technology. Though the quality is professional level, the price range is within the reach of individual consumers as well.

    Saramonic Special Feature
    Saramonic item list
  • TASCAMデッキ比較表ラインナップにCD-500追加!




    TASCAM CDデッキ 比較表
    TASCAM 「CD-500」
  • ZOOMポッドキャストレコーダー PodTrak P4 入荷!!

    ZOOMポッドキャストレコーダー PodTrak P4 入荷!!


    ZOOM 「PodTrak P4」

    ZOOMポッドキャストレコーダー PodTrak P4 が入荷しました!! ポッドキャスト収録に便利な機能をコンパクトボディに凝縮。最大70dBのゲインが得られる高品位なマイクプリアンプを4基搭載し、最大4人分の音声をマルチトラックに録音することが可能。独立4系統のヘッドホン出力を備え、出演者全員が快適にモニタリングすることができます。またオーディオ・インターフェイスとしても使用でき、パソコンやAndoroid、iOSデバイスに録音可能。手軽にプロクオリティのポッドキャスト収録を実現します!!
  • ZOOM unveils the new PodTrak P4 podcast recorder!!

    ZOOM unveils the new PodTrak P4 podcast recorder!!


    ZOOM 「PodTrak P4」

    The new PodTrak P4 portable recorder has been unveiled by ZOOM!! Convenient functions for podcast recording have been condensed into a compact body. Equipped with four high-quality microphone preamps with a maximum gain of 70 dB, it allows for clear voice recording of up to four people on a multitrack. Equipped with four independent headphone outputs, all performers can comfortably monitor the output as well. The PodTrak P4 can also be used as an audio interface and can record to a computer, Android, or iOS device. Podcasters need to check this out!

    -Scheduled to be released around the middle of August 2020-
  • Regarding product delivery during the Bon Festival

    Regarding product delivery during the Bon Festival


    Thank you for shopping at Sound House.

    Please see below regarding product delivery during the Bon Festival.

    During the Bon Festival period from August 13th (Thursday) to August 15th (Saturday), same day shipping will be available for orders received before 13:00. Also, the shipping company will not accept delivery date and time requests during this time. Delivery delays due to traffic conditions, increased cargo volume, weather conditions, and so on may occur, so please allow for delivery delays when considering your order.
    Regarding items ordered, it may take some time to make arrange because manufacturers are closed during the Bon Festival period.
    Some larger products such as trusses, simple stages, and larger speakers will be delivered after the Bon Festival period.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.



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