• [Up to 30% back] 20% off coupon for recommended PA items!

    [Up to 30% back] 20% off coupon for recommended PA items!


    We have prepared 20% off coupons for recommended items from popular brands BEHRINGER, MIDAS, TURBOSOUND, TC HELICON, and KLARK TEKNIK.
    This is your chance to save on popular items in a wide range of categories, including speakers, mixers, power amplifiers, processors,portable PA systems, and more! Please take advantage of this opportunity!

    Period: Until June 30, 2024 (Sunday)
    Coupon code: [586689]
    Target Items: Recommended PA Items List
    Only for in-stock items
  • [Up to 15% back] 5% off coupon for popular brands!

    [Up to 15% back] 5% off coupon for popular brands!


    We are offering a limited-time 5% off coupon for Sound House's in-house and distributor-brand products! This includes popular brands such as in-house PLAYTECH, CLASSIC PRO, and STAGE EVOLUTION, as well as AKG, JBL, ALLPARTS, and D'Addario, which we represent as a distributor. Combined with the campaign points, this is an opportunity to save up to 15%. The campaign ends on Sunday, June 30, 2024. Take advantage of this opportunity!

    [Up to 15% back] 5% off coupon for popular brands!
    Coupon code: 441933
    Period: June 30, 2024 (Sun.)
    Target products: List of in-house and distributor brands
    * Only for in-stock items
  • DRAWMER dual 4-band parametric equalizer "1971" now available!

    DRAWMER dual 4-band parametric equalizer


    DRAWMER / 1971

    DRAWMER introduces the 1971, a vintage-style dual 4-band parametric equalizer inspired by the analog devices of the 1970s.
    The unique CRUSH function in each band is an auto-gain make-up compressor that adds pleasing harmonics, thickens lows, increases midrange presence, and brings out the shimmer in the highs. All four bands have fully variable frequency control, each with cut and boost functions, and the two midbands have fully variable bandwidth controls, allowing for equalization by focusing on very narrow, wide, or in-between areas. Low-cut and high-cut filters are ideal for tuning low and high-frequency signals at both ends of the frequency spectrum. The "1971" is ideal for tone shaping that stays true to the sound of the '70s and is an ideal tool for any recording engineer or musician.
  • 【最大30%還元】おすすめアイテム 20%OFFクーポン!

    【最大30%還元】おすすめアイテム 20%OFFクーポン!


    大人気ブランド「BEHRINGER」「MIDAS」「TURBOSOUND」「TC HELICON」「KLARK TEKNIK」のおすすめアイテムを対象にした20%OFFクーポンをご用意しました。スピーカー、ミキサー、パワーアンプ、プロセッサー、ポータブルPAシステムの定番からフラッグシップモデルまで魅力溢れる多数のアイテムをお得にゲットするチャンス!この機会にぜひご検討ください!

    ■ 期間: 2024年5月31日(金)まで
    ■ クーポンコード: [654517]
    ■ 対象商品: おすすめアイテム 一覧
  • dbx DriveRack 260 speaker processor in stock!

    dbx DriveRack 260 speaker processor in stock!


    The DriveRack 260 is a multi-processor employing the latest digital signal processing in a 2-input, 6-output configuration with most of the features needed to build a PA system. This single unit can control a multitude of signal processing functions, including a linkable 28-band graphic equalizer, industry-standard dbx stereo compressor, feedback eliminator, up to 6-way crossover, and 120A subharmonic synthesizer. In addition to the wizard setup system, DriveWare, which enables control via a PC connection, makes it easy and fast to build a better-sounding PA system.

    dbx / DriveRack 260
  • [Up to 20% reduction] BEHRINGER 10% OFF coupon for the most popular PA items!

    [Up to 20% reduction] BEHRINGER 10% OFF coupon for the most popular PA items!


    We have prepared a 10% off coupon for BEHRINGER-recommended PA items, which are popular for their good deal and high sound quality. This is a great chance to get the speakers, power amps, processors, and portable PA systems you need for your music events at a very reasonable price. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

    Campaign period: Tuesday, April 30, 2024
    Coupon code: [614757]
    Eligible Products: BEHRINGER recommended PA items
    Eligible for in-stock items only
  • WARM AUDIO "WA-1B" review by Kenichi Ikeda, professional bassist/producer, is now available!



    A review of the WARM AUDIO "WA-1B" by Kenichi Ikeda, a bassist, composer, and sound producer who is active in various fields, including his solo project ROOT SOUL and collaborations with various artists, is now available!

    "Even though it may be difficult to tell with small speakers, I set it to a strong setting and made it feel like the center of gravity was low, as if it was sticking to the bottom. It's a very analog compressor that I love!" "The levels are very naturally aligned!" "I think the combination of analog hardware and DAW digital is the best in modern times!" (High ratings. )

    As with the previous EQP-WA, we were provided with not only sound sources for bass, electric piano, and drums but also a mix of these sources in order to convey the differences between them easily. Please take the time to listen to them with headphones and check out the differences in the degree of compression.

    [Product Review] WARM AUDIO / WA-1B by Kenichi Ikeda (ROOT SOUL)

    ■Product Page
  • Review of WARM AUDIO "WA-1B" and "WA-MPX" by studio musician Reigo Kuwahata is now available!

    Review of WARM AUDIO


    A review of WARM AUDIO's "WA-1B" and "WA-MPX" by drummer Reigo Kuwahata, who works at a rehearsal studio in Tokyo and is also a studio musician, is now available!
    The "WA-MPX" has a smooth sound with a finer texture, especially in the midrange... I felt that the overtones were richer and compression was slightly applied, as if tape saturation was literally applied. (High ratings: WA-MPX)
    The compression is not applied harshly, but thinly, so that each piece of music seems to expand. The sound image becomes mellow. (High ratings: WA-1B)
    You can check out the sound on the album "B.B.B." by The Broken Blues Band, to which Reigo Kuwabata belongs.

    [Product Review] WARM AUDIO / WA-MPX, WA-1B by Reigo Kuwabata

    ■Product page
  • Big Sale! New Life Support Sale!

    Big Sale! New Life Support Sale!


    A new life support sale will be held for everyone starting a new life this spring!
    A total of more than 1,500 eligible products, including earphones recommended for commuting to work or school and distribution equipment for remote work, are available. We have carefully selected recommended products from a wide range of categories, such as microphones, speakers, guitars, drums, audio interfaces, and DAW software. You are sure to find your favorite item. The campaign period ends April 30. Take advantage of this chance to find the items you want and the bargains you've been looking for.

    New Life Support SALE
  • WARM AUDIO/WA-1B Review by Pro-Singer Hiro-a-key, a.k.a. Nenashi & Engineer Satoshi Fukuda is now available!

    WARM AUDIO/WA-1B Review by Pro-Singer Hiro-a-key, a.k.a. Nenashi & Engineer Satoshi Fukuda is now available!


    Hiro-a-key, a.k.a. Nenashi, captivates audiences with his emotional performance using a sampler and keyboards in addition to his extended high-tone voice and falsetto.
    Satoshi Fukuda is a freelance engineer who specializes in groove-oriented sounds such as funk and R&B and has worked on Tsuyoshi Domoto's projects ENDRECHERI, K, and Osaka-Monorail.
    A review of WARM AUDIO's WA-1B Tube Optical Compressor by the two is now available!
    I think that Manual might have been the one to get me hooked on the "woo-ah" type of compressor. It's a natural compressor, and as a singer, I found it easy to sing with, including on monitors."
    It's more beneficial for rap and R&B dance than rock music.
    It's one of the top three comps for singing, and you can even use it in a two-stage setup.
    Mr. Hiro-a-key has prepared a number of comparison sound sources that allow us to feel the differences in subtle nuances and atmospheres of three different singing voices in three different combinations of Attack/Release patterns.
    We hope you will listen to them and enjoy the sounds that only the hardware WA-1B can produce, which are not possible with plug-ins.

    [Product Review] I tried WARM AUDIO / WA-1B by Hiro-a-key a.k.a. Nenashi
    Product page



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