• PLAYTECH New Acoustic guitars are in stock one after another!

    PLAYTECH New Acoustic guitars are in stock one after another!


    PLAYTECH Acoustic&Classic guitar

    New acoustic guitars are in stock one after another from PLAYTECH at an affordable price! In addition to unprecedented dreadnought cutaway shapes, all-mahogany specifications, and mini-acoustic guitars, electric-acoustic guitars and classical guitars are also in the product line! We will deliver the best acoustic guitar and classical guitar for enjoying music at home at a shocking special price!
  • EVH Electric Guitar / Guitar Amplifier 5% OFF Coupon!

    EVH Electric Guitar / Guitar Amplifier 5% OFF Coupon!


    We are distributing 5% OFF coupons for EVH electric guitars and guitar amplifiers! All in-stock items such as "Wolfgang series", "Striped series", and amplifier head "5150III series" are eligible. Don't miss the opportunity to get great deals! The coupon is valid until Saturday, January 22nd!
    EVH Electric Guitar 5% Off Coupon
    ■ Period: Until Saturday, January 22
    ■ Coupon code: 3506
    Target products
    * Out of stock products are not eligible.
    EVH Guitar Amp 5% Off Coupon
    ■ Period: Until Saturday, January 22
    ■ Coupon code: 6118
    Target products
    * Out of stock products are not eligible..
  • Warwick effector case and board "Rock Board series" is now available!

    Warwick effector case and board


    Effector Case / Board "RockBoard Series"
    Guitar / Bass Stand

    Warwick effector case / board set "RockBoard series" is now available! There are 3 types of cases, GIG (gig bag), ABS (resin case) and FLT (flight case), according to the material, and a total of 25 models are available for each size. You can choose the model according to the application and scene, such as portability, protection performance, and design.
    The mounted board uses an aluminum drainboard type with an angle of 10 degrees to the floor. It is also possible to fix the effector with cable ties and use the back clearance to make the wiring look neat.
    Warwick, a well-known electric bass brand, has a rich lineup of highly usable accessories such as effector cases and guitar stands, as well as the main body.
  • エレキギター人気ブランド5%OFFクーポン!




    CHARVELエレキギター 5%オフクーポン
    ■期間: 1月22日(土)まで
    ■クーポンコード: 1618
    GRETSCHエレキギター 5%オフクーポン
    ■期間: 1月22日(土)まで
    ■クーポンコード: 8266
    JACKSONエレキギター 5%オフクーポン
    ■期間: 1月22日(土)まで
    ■クーポンコード: 8365
  • [2nd Time] Get'm Get'm Present Campaign

    [2nd Time] Get'm Get'm Present Campaign


    Thank you for your many applications for the "Get'm Get'm Christmas Gift Campaign" at the end of 2021! Due to its popularity, we have programmed the campaign again!
    This time, 16 lucky people will receive a T-shirt with the Get'm Get'm logo or a baseball cap! In order to apply for this campaign, just post a photo of your guitar / bass strap on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram tagging #GetmGetmプレゼント2!
    Get'm Get'm, which is loved by many famous musicians all over the world, offers a wide selection of guitar straps with unique designs, and this is your chance to get not-for-sale items! We look forward to your applications!

    ■ Application requirements
    Photo submission period: January 7, 2021 to February 28, 2021
    Qualifications: Those who have a Sound House account
    * The announcement of the winners will be replaced by the shipping of gifts.
    * It may take some time before the gift is shipped.

    ■ Gift contents
    Baseball cap
  • Markbass's guitar string brand

    Markbass's guitar string brand


    Mark Strings

    We have started selling the guitar string brand "Mark Strings" by Markbass, which is also known as a manufacturer of bass amp and a guitar amp DV MARK! In order to provide high quality guitar strings, Markbass acquired the long-established manufacturer "D Orazio Strings" in Abruzzo, Italy, which is said to be the birthplace of string makers. Inheriting that history and tradition, they have a lineup of four types of strings with the addition of Markbass's up-and-coming elements. The "LEGACY series" is an orthodox guitar string with a high carbon hex core wrapped in high quality nickel steel. It has a vivid and warm sound and tuning stability. The "SOLO series" is a guitar string that uses stainless steel for the winding wire. It features a bright and rich harmonics sound. The "LONGEVO series", which has a lineup of nickel strings and stainless steel strings, is a coated string that uses NANO technology that does not use chemical substances. This series achieves a long life and natural playing comfort while minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Lineup of 4 types of gauges for each series. Check it out if you're a guitarist looking for a string that suits you, especially a long-life string.
  • Limited quantity! SOUND HOUSE lucky bag 2022 《 It will end as soon as it runs out! 》

    Limited quantity! SOUND HOUSE lucky bag 2022 《 It will end as soon as it runs out! 》


    Lucky bag has been upgraded this year! We have prepared many types such as guitars, drums, and microphones! In addition, lately popular lucky bag containing live streaming accessary has been also prepared. Let's get a great lucky bag containing carefully selected items from each category! The sale period is up to 1/17. As the quantity is limited, please purchase as soon as possible ♪

    Sales period: January 4th to 17th, 2021 *

    Lucky bag 2022
  • Fractal Audio Systems floor type processor

    Fractal Audio Systems floor type processor


    Fractal Audio Systems / FM9

    Fractal Audio Systems, which continues to lead guitar processors in the Axe-Fx series, has announced a new floor-type processor, the FM9! It is a model that adopts a 4-core DSP and emphasizes the advantages of the rack type Axe-Fx III and the floor type FM3. Built-in Axe-Fx III direct amp modeling and cabinet simulator, it also supports impulse response (IR) loading. It also includes historic stompbox modeling and many studio-quality effects. The preset grid size is 14x6, which is the same as Axe-Fx III. It supports stereo In / Out, and it is possible to freely create the sound that the guitarist envisions.
    Release is scheduled for spring 2022! We are currently accepting reservations!

    * Because it is an imported product, the delivery date may change significantly.
    * If the number of the first arrivals is small, the product may not be available for you.
  • New products of cabinet simulator and digital preamplifier from MOOER!

    New products of cabinet simulator and digital preamplifier from MOOER!


    MOOER / CAB X2

    The cabinet simulator "CAB X2" and digital preamplifier "PREAMP MODEL X2" are now available from MOOER!
    "CAB X2" is a cabinet simulator that supports stereo input / output. It can be set up with just a knob, making it simpler to create sounds than the company's Radar, but it can also be set up in stereo for more in-depth sound creation.
    The digital preamplifier "PREAMP MODEL X2" has 14 types of built-in amplifier models. Each can be switched clean and drive, with a total of 24 patterns of sound. Since it also has three types of cabinet simulators built-in, it is possible to perform line recording with one unit. Both have two foot switches, making it easy to switch between presets. A pedal that can be used widely from the stage to the studio.
  • Line 6 / POD Go Shoulder Bag Present Campaign!

    Line 6 / POD Go Shoulder Bag Present Campaign!


    If you purchase POD Go or POD Go Wireless, which provides a lightweight and portable design and best-in-class tone, you can get a special carry bag "POD Go Shoulder Bag"! POD Go Shoulder Bag is an impact-resistant bag for POD Go series with independent bubble padding. Equipped with a convenient pocket for storing small items, it is a convenient item not only for transformation but also for storage. Take this opportunity to get a genuine Line 6 shoulder bag!

    ■ Target products
    Line 6 / POD Go
    Line 6 / POD Go Wireless

    ■ Campaign period
    Purchased from October 11, 2021 (Monday) to March 20, 2022 (Sunday)

    ■ Application period
    October 11, 2021 (Monday) -March 27, 2022 (Sunday)
    * Even during the period, it will end as soon as the limited number is reached.

    ■ Application
    Access the campaign page on line6.jp and apply from the campaign application page on Yamaha Music Members.
    Campaign page



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