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  • [Up to 15% reduction] Popular brand 5% OFF coupon!

    [Up to 15% reduction] Popular brand 5% OFF coupon!


    5% OFF with coupon for 3 major brands produced by Soundhouse including CLASSIC PRO, PLAYTECH, and STAGE EVOLUTION, as well as AKG, JBL, FOCUSRITE, and beyerdynamic, for which Soundhouse is the distributor. When combined with campaign points, you have a chance to save up to 15%! The campaign period is until July 15th. Don't miss this opportunity!

    ■ Period: Until July 15, 2022
    ■ Coupon code: [2226]
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  • New microphone cable

    New microphone cable


    audio technica introduces the new "BX9/3.0" cable that maximizes the performance of microphones!
    Neutrik XLR type connectors and standard 4-core construction cables, which are professional use. Designed to prevent external noise, it can provide a studio-like environment at home.
    Recommended for use with the AT404040, AT2020, AT2035, AT2040, AT2050, and other audio technica microphones that can reproduce ideal microphone characteristics. 3 m length is easy to use, and cable ties are included for length adjustment.
    The "BX9/3.0" brings out the best performance of the microphone and elevates it to the best recording environment!

    audio technica / BX9/3.0
  • 楽器・音響の専門フリマサイト《サウンドマート》手数料無料キャンペーンに関するお知らせ








  • audio technica New Speaker Cable

    audio technica New Speaker Cable


    audio technica / AT-SC700YY/2.0

    audio technica is pleased to announce the release of its new FLUAT series of Hi-Fi cables, developed with the idea of "flowing the signal like a clear stream, without muddying it" and minimizing signal loss and distortion!
    Thoroughly eliminates extraneous noise ensuring the sound quality. This enables accurate transmission of a single note and realizes an open and expansive sound field. The overwhelming amount of sound information and the open sound field provide an ideal audio experience. Y-plug and banana plugs can be selected for the input/output side, and the lengths are available: 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, and 5m. A wide range of selections are available to match the operating environment. Thick gold-plated terminals are used to ensure stable conductivity, and the cord is 4-core Star-quad to suppress extraneous noise.
    "FLUAT" takes basic performance to the next level, delivering the sound that users demand!
  • New OYAIDE Guitar/Bass cable

    New OYAIDE Guitar/Bass cable


    OYAIDE 「Ecstasy Cable LS」
    OYAIDE 「Ecstasy Cable SS」
    OYAIDE 「Ecstasy Cable LL」

    New OYAIDE "Ecstasy cable" is a high-end cable and patch cable for guitars and basses with high-resolution characteristics tailored to the modern music scene. The cables are tuned to provide an "organic and pleasing tone" in terms of both sound and playability, while maintaining the rich harmonic components of the instruments. The cable is highly durable enough to withstand excessive bending, and is so easy to handle that you will feel no stress.
    The "Tone" cable is tuned to produce a sound that is both quiet and loud, faithfully expressing the player's delicate touch, with a high sound density over the entire bandwidth, increased sound pressure, and a thicker core. The sound has an exquisite sense of balance that blends well with band ensembles, yet is easy to handle without any ear-piercing high-frequency characteristics. The clean/crunch emphasizes the fatness of the core, while the high-gain emphasizes the harmonic richness and distortion ride. It adapts to any P.U. or amp type and maximizes the potential of the guitar/bass.
    Please try the "Ecstasy Cable", a high-end guitar cable that has been carefully designed to achieve the "pleasant tone" that players desire.
  • New life support! Bargain sale information is being updated!

    New life support! Bargain sale information is being updated!


    Bargain sale information

    Musical instrument introductory sets, DTM related products, and PA equipment recommended for new life and new semester are on sale at a discount price! Limited-time sale items, limited-quantity items, and bargain items only for now constantly updating. Don't miss the chance to meet the items and bargains you wanted ♪



    UAC015 USBケーブル A to C
    UCC018 USBケーブルC to C
    UAB010 USBケーブル A to Micro B
    UAL015 USBケーブル A to ライトニング
    UCL018 USBケーブル C to ライトニング
    UAL012CB 充電専用ケーブル A to C、ライトニング、Micro-B

    From the brand CLASSIC PRO, starting with USB-A to C, we have starting stocking assortment of USB cables that is supported by most terminals! From C to C and A to Micro B, charger cables are also included in our lineup. We have various reasonably priced devices that will help get you using your device immediately. Come take a look at our selection!
  • 【 Discover a rare find! BIG Outlet Items Release!】

    【 Discover a rare find! BIG Outlet Items Release!】


    Sound House Outlet City is updated daily! We are receiving a large shipment of a wide selection of refurbished items from guitars, keyboards, and wind instruments to DTM and PAL coding equipment. Come discover a new special item everyday! This is your chance to get your hands on a must-have item!
    Discover a rare find! Outlet City
  • スマホDJ向け高音質Yケーブル、TRAKTOR DJ CABLE入荷!

    スマホDJ向け高音質Yケーブル、TRAKTOR DJ CABLE入荷!


    Native Instruments / TRAKTOR DJ CABLE スマホ/タブレットDJ向けYケーブル

    スマートフォンやタブレット端末を使用するDJから大人気のNative Instruments公式YケーブルTRAKTOR DJ CABLEが入荷しました。3.5mmステレオミニ側のジャックをiOSデバイスやノートPCに接続、反対側の二股ミニジャックをモニター用のヘッドホン、スピーカーなどのメインアウトプット機器に接続することにより、DJコントローラー無しでもキューイング・モニターが可能です。
  • WARM AUDIO Cables Now Available!

    WARM AUDIO Cables Now Available!


    WARM AUDIO's new musical instrument / audio cables are now available! WARM AUDIO is a new brand with a lineup of high-quality recording gear that models the legendary vintage equipment. While these are high-quality cables unique to a manufacturer who knows all about recording gear, it offers an affordable price like other products. The series includes a basic "Pro" and a higher quality "Premier", and the connectors are also enriched with XLR, TRS phones, and TS phones. It can be used for a wide range of applications!

    WARM AUDIO Cables



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