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  • KORG releases a new DIY synth FX unit, "NTS-3 kaoss pad kit"!

    KORG releases a new DIY synth FX unit,


    KORG has released a new DIY synth FX unit, "NTS-3 kaoss pad kit"!
    Seamlessly integrates the XY pad touch interface, a symbol of the overwhelmingly popular KAOSS series, with KAOSS's signature effects.This is a revolutionary FX unit that is compact, powerful, and customizable as a DIY kit. Please take this opportunity to purchase!

    KORG / NTS-3 kaoss pad kit
    Release date: Saturday, June 15, 2024
  • YAMAHA electronic piano "P-145B" and mini keyboard "PSS-A50" are now in stock!

    YAMAHA electronic piano


    YAMAHA's popular products, the electronic piano "P-145B" and the mini keyboard "PSS-A50", are now in stock!
    Although the P-145B is an entry model, it is an 88-key electronic piano equipped with a newly developed GHC keyboard that reproduces the playing feel of an acoustic piano. In addition to using piano sounds sampled from Yamaha's full concert grand piano, we have achieved a rich sound with damper resonance, which reproduces the rich resonance when you press the damper pedal.
    "PSS-A50" is a top-rated portable keyboard that is compact but can also be used for professional performances. Equipped with a touch response that changes the strength of the sound depending on how hard you hit the keyboard. Equipped with an arpeggio function of 138 patterns in 12 types, even beginners can easily create accompaniments.
    It can also be used as a MIDI keyboard using the USB-MIDI connection terminal.
    Please consider this opportunity.

    YAMAHA / P-145B
    YAMAHA / PSS-A50
  • SUZUKIのオリジナル楽器「オムニコードOM-108」発売開始!



    鈴木楽器製作所創業70周年を記念して、1996年に発売された「OM-300」以来となる待望の復刻版「オムニコード OM-108」が発売開始!

    オムニコード OM-108
    OM-108 用ソフトケース OGB-108
    OM-108 用ストラップピン OSB-108
  • Various sets of the "GO:KEYS 3" and "GO:KEYS 5" series are now on sale!

    Various sets of the


    A new set combining a dedicated music stand and damper pedal with ROLAND's "GO:KEYS 3" and "GO:KEYS 5" is now available. The "GO:KEYS 3" comes in a wide variety of colors, including dark red, turquoise, and midnight blue, while the "GO:KEYS 5" comes in black and white. With a dedicated music stand and damper pedal, you can enjoy full-scale performance right away. The GO: KEYS series is lightweight at about 5 kg despite having a built-in speaker. It is helpful in all situations, such as on stage, in the studio, and in live distribution. It also has a recording function, so you can immediately record and play back your performance while practicing to improve your skills or send your ideas to friends and online colleagues. Could you take this opportunity to try it out?

    ROLAND / GO:KEYS with music stand and damper pedal
  • BEHRINGERの人気シンセ「JT-4000 MICRO」入荷!

    BEHRINGERの人気シンセ「JT-4000 MICRO」入荷!



    BEHRINGERの人気ハイブリッドシンセサイザー「JT-4000 MICRO」が入荷しました!
    「JT-4000 MICRO」は、ボイスごとに2つのアナログモデリングオシレーター、アナログフィルター、アルペジエーターを備えたポータブルな4ボイスシンセサイザー。SuperSaw波形を備えたJP-8000のサウンドエンジンを再現しています。アナログフィルターと本格的な12ビットDACを組み合わせることにより、暖かく自然なサウンドを実現しました。この機会にぜひご検討ください!
  • VISCOUNTより「Legend オルガン」「LEGEND '70s」入荷!

    VISCOUNTより「Legend オルガン」「LEGEND '70s」入荷!


    Legend Live JdF Signature
    LEGEND '70s Artist
    LEGEND '70s Compact

    イタリアの老舗鍵盤ブランドVISCOUNTより、人気の「LEGENDオルガン」シリーズやモジュール差し替え式ステージピアノ「LEGEND '70s」シリーズが入荷しました!

    「LEGEND '70s」シリーズは、音源モジュールを組み替えて自由に楽器をカスタマイズできるモジュラーステージピアノ。好みの音源へ差し替えてオリジナルのステージピアノを構築できます。この機会にぜひご検討ください!
  • A free music studio, "STUDIO A" by AIAIAI × ARTURIA, is now open!

    A free music studio,


    AIAIAI, an audio brand that produces professional headphones and speakers, and Arturia, a French electronics manufacturer, have opened a free studio space, "STUDIO A," in the heart of Tokyo for a limited time!

    Pre-orders began today, Friday, May 31st, and anyone who makes a reservation can use it from Friday, June 7th. The event will run until Sunday, July 7th, 2024.

    By gathering the best products from AIAIAI and ARTURIA in one space, the best studio environment has been completed. Featuring high-quality sound from the wireless monitor speaker UNIT-4 Wireless+, the latest PolyBrute 12 synthesizer, AstroLab, and more, "STUDIO A" is a shocking music studio space for music production that is free and easily accessible!

    Book a two-hour session at the URL below and keep an eye out for upcoming workshops and event announcements.

    Reservation site

    = Event period =
    ・June 7th (Fri) to July 7th (Sun) 2024

    = Location =
    ・5th floor, Tokyu Plaza Omotesando "Omokado", 4-30-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

    = Available equipment =
    ・AIAIAI UNIT-4 Wireless+
    ・TMA-2 Studio Wireless+
    ・TMA-2 Studio Headphone
    ・Arturia PolyBrute 12
    ・MiniLab 3
    ・Audiofuse [16RIG]
    ・40-inch TV with HDMI to connect to a laptop
  • [Up to 15% back] 5% off coupon for popular brands!

    [Up to 15% back] 5% off coupon for popular brands!


    We are offering a limited-time 5% off coupon for Sound House's in-house and distributor-brand products! This includes popular brands such as in-house PLAYTECH, CLASSIC PRO, and STAGE EVOLUTION, as well as AKG, JBL, ALLPARTS, and D'Addario, which we represent as a distributor. Combined with the campaign points, this is an opportunity to save up to 15%. The campaign ends on Sunday, June 30, 2024. Take advantage of this opportunity!

    [Up to 15% back] 5% off coupon for popular brands!
    Coupon code: 441933
    Period: June 30, 2024 (Sun.)
    Target products: List of in-house and distributor brands
    * Only for in-stock items
  • ARTURIA's "MiniFreak" hybrid synth is now available in new limited edition colors!



    ARTURIA / MiniFreak Stellar

    ARTURIA's MiniFreak hybrid synthesizer is now available in a new limited edition color, Stellar!

    MiniFreak is a 37-key polyphonic synthesizer that combines two digital sound engines, analog filters, modulation, intuitive sequencing, and rich effects. The "Stellar" is a higher-end model of the popular "MicroFeak" synthesizer and features a slim keyboard with velocity aftertouch support for improved playability.

    The limited-edition "Stellar" color is a chic, black-toned look that is sure to inspire keyboardists. Limited quantities are available, so take advantage of this opportunity to purchase one today!

    Release date May 24, 2024
  • YAMAHAより、光る鍵盤のポータブルキーボード「EZ-310」新登場!








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