• 【 Discover a rare find! BIG Outlet Items Release!】

    【 Discover a rare find! BIG Outlet Items Release!】


    Sound House Outlet City is updated daily! We are receiving a large shipment of a wide selection of refurbished items from guitars, keyboards, and wind instruments to DTM and PAL coding equipment. Come discover a new special item everyday! This is your chance to get your hands on a must-have item!
    Discover a rare find! Outlet City
  • CLASSIC PRO MST Series New Monitor Speaker Now Available!

    CLASSIC PRO MST Series New Monitor Speaker Now Available!


    The popular CLASSIC PRO monitor speaker stands have a new addition, the MST2 and MST3!The base type MST2 comes with an adjuster bolt that attaches to the bottom plate and supports horizontal adjustment. The clamp type MST3 saves installation space on your desk. The height of both models can be adjusted between 285 and 365 mm. The top plate can be adjusted in angle and direction for the optimum listening position. It is recommended for those who want to upgrade the monitor environment to a higher level.

    CLASSIC PRO / MST2 Monitor Speaker Stand
    CLASSIC PRO / MST3 Monitor Speaker Stand
  • Turbosound Volume Discount Campaign!!

    Turbosound Volume Discount Campaign!!


    We are pleased to announce the launch of our Volume Discount Campaign for the popular Turbosound TFM122M and TFM152M passive floor monitors. We are offering a super-bargain special price for customers who purchased 4 units in the same model!
    The TFM122M and TFM152M are passive / bi-amp switchable coaxial 2-way stage monitors that support a wide range of portable SR applications such as speech and concerts. It is designed to provide optimum performance as a stage monitor in cooperation with the LAKE DSP and LAB GRUPPEN power amplifier. It can also be used as a FOH, side fill, and delay speaker. The low-profile design emphasizes the line of sight from the audience, making it suitable for a variety of applications..
    This is a special campaign with limited quantities.. If you are considering replacing your equipment or installing new equipment, please take advantage of this opportunity.

    Turbosound / TFM122M 4 units
    Turbosound / TFM152M 4 units

  • Mackie High-Quality PA System Now Available !!

    Mackie High-Quality PA System Now Available !!


    We have started handling the best PA system that includes the popular MACKIE DRM series passive PA speaker and the SP260 digital speaker processor.
    The SP260 features the sophisticated EQ, crossover, and dynamics processing for optimal speaker system processing for both powered and passive application. By using the preset data for DRM Passive Series, you can maximize its performance and drive in the best condition.
    The DRM series passive loudspeakers are equipped with a custom-designed speaker unit and meticulously engineered crossover networks for true-to-life sound reproduction. Equipped with a M10 fly point and dual-angle pole mounts, it can be used not only for a mobile PA system but also for fixed installations such as live music venues and banquet halls.
    There are a total of three different bundle sets that anyone can easily build the optimum sound system. Experience the reliable MACKIE sound.

    MACKIE / DRM212-P pair + SP260 speaker processor set
    MACKIE / DRM215-P pair + SP260 speaker processor set
    MACKIE /DRM315-P pair + SP260 speaker processor set

  • New magic speaker/radio Teenage Engineering OB-4 Now Available !

    New magic speaker/radio Teenage Engineering OB-4 Now Available !


    OB-4 portable hi-fi loudspeaker delivers pure, high quality sound and a stereo field that fills the entire room, thanks to four specially prepared speaker elements. Flow-optimized bass reflex ports provide deep, natural bass.
    It supports line input, Bluetooth, and FM radio. The 2x38W ultra-efficient Class D amp delivers the most powerful and high-quality sound despite its size. Especially unique is the volume knob & tape reel function by digital motion control. You can use your fingers to interact with the "sound" by grabbing, rotating, and rewinding it just like a DJ controller. Relax in your living room or kitchen, or take it with you to a park.

  • [Comfortable home time] Popular Studio Monitor 5% OFF Coupon!

    [Comfortable home time] Popular Studio Monitor 5% OFF Coupon!


    Due to popularity, we have decided to extend the campaign period!! We are offering a 5% OFF coupon popular studio monitors! Get popular products from JBL, YAMAHA, GENELEC, FOCAL, NEUMANN, Mackie, and many more. Now if you use the coupon together with the 10X point campaign, you can get up to a 15% discount♪ Get studio monitors for a wide range of applications from listening to music and movies to online meetings, lessons, music production, video streaming, as well as many other applications!

    ■ Popular studio monitor 5% OFF coupon !!
    ■ Coupon code: [5937]
    ■ Period: Until 6/30
    Target product
    *Eligible for only in-stock items
  • New BANG & OLUFSEN Beosound Explore Now Available!

    New BANG & OLUFSEN Beosound Explore Now Available!


    BANG & OLUFSEN, which was founded in Denmark, has released a new portable speaker that boasts high dustproof and waterproof performance! It is compact yet has excellent bass expression, and you can enjoy high quality sound from all angles due to its omnidirectionality. It is durable, making it ideal for outdoor use. Please check it out!

    Bang&Olufsen「Beosound Explore Black Anthracite」
    Bang&Olufsen「Beosound Explore Green」
  • BOSE DesignMaxシリーズにペンダント型スピーカー登場!!

    BOSE DesignMaxシリーズにペンダント型スピーカー登場!!


    上質なリスニング空間を演出する設備用スピーカーBOSE DesignMaxシリーズに、ペンダント型スピーカー「DM3P」、「DM5P」、「DM6PE」、「DM10P-SUB」が加わりました。豊かな低音とクリアで明瞭な高音を提供する同軸2ウェイ・デザインを採用。DSPやEQなしで優れたサウンドを提供。Dispersion Alignmentシステムにより、均一なリスニング体験を実現しました。どんなインテリアにも溶け込む、エレガントなデザインは、美容室やアパレルショップなど様々な商業空間におすすめです。

    BOSE / DesignMax DM3P PAIR BLACK
    BOSE / DesignMax DM3P PAIR WHITE
    BOSE / DesignMax DM5P PAIR BLACK
    BOSE / DesignMax DM5P PAIR WHITE
  • (Ends 6/30) JBL PartyBox 300 Selling at a Discounted Price for a Limited Time Only!

    (Ends 6/30) JBL PartyBox 300 Selling at a Discounted Price for a Limited Time Only!


    Equipped with colorful lighting effects, the portable Bluetooth party speaker, the JBL PartyBox 300, is available at special price for a limited time only!
    Made with high quality sound and LED colorful lighting effects, events and pool parties will heat up this summer with this super cool speaker!! While playing music wireless through Bluetooth, hook up a microphone and guitar, and instantly start a live show! Not only does the JBL PartyBox 300 connect with an AC power cord, but this versatile speaker also has a long-lasting rechargable battery, and it's water-resistant so you can play a live concert right by the pool! What's even better is that right now we are running our 10X points campaign, so if you buy the JBL PartyBox 300 now, you can receive 10X more on store points! The campaign is running for a limited time only, so take this chance to buy before time runs out!

    JBL「PartyBox 300」
  • [For DIY] 10% OFF Coupon for CELESTION and EMINENCE!!

    [For DIY] 10% OFF Coupon for CELESTION and EMINENCE!!


    Use this coupon to purchase 10% OFF the listed prices of CELESTION and EMINENCE in-stock items, which are considered the standard speaker units used together with many well-known guitar amplifiers and PA speakers!! We have a search speaker selector to narrow down by size and purpose, sound demos, and manufacturer introduction videos. Choose the best speakers by using your ears♪

    ■ Coupon code: [7207]
    ■ Period: Until 6/15
    Target product
    *Eligible for only in-stock items



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