• [Up to 15% reduction] Popular brand 5% OFF coupon!

    [Up to 15% reduction] Popular brand 5% OFF coupon!


    5% OFF with coupon for 3 major brands produced by Soundhouse including CLASSIC PRO, PLAYTECH, and STAGE EVOLUTION, as well as AKG, JBL, FOCUSRITE, and beyerdynamic, for which Soundhouse is the distributor. When combined with campaign points, you have a chance to save up to 15%! The campaign period is until July 15th. Don't miss this opportunity!

    ■ Period: Until July 15, 2022
    ■ Coupon code: [2226]
    List of own / agency brands
  • Nathan EastがLaney Familyに仲間入り!

    Nathan EastがLaney Familyに仲間入り!


    Eric Claptonのバンドで活躍する伝説的ベーシストNathan Eastが、Laney
    Familyに仲間入りしました。Laneyの正規代理店、サウンドハウスではNathan Eastが愛用しているDigbethシリーズをはじめ、数多くのLaney製品を取り扱い中!この機会に、あなたもLaney Familyの一員になってみませんか?

    Laney 「DB200H」
    Laney 「DB500H」
  • ROTOSOUND Custom Gauge Bass Strings Now Available!

    ROTOSOUND Custom Gauge Bass Strings Now Available!


    We have started handling custom gauge bass strings from ROTOSOUND, a British string manufacturer with a reputation for stable quality. Custom gauges are available in the classic nickel string "Roto Bass" for classic tone, and the stainless string "Swing Bass 66" used by top bassists in the world such as Jaco Pastorius and Billy Sheehan.With the introduction of gauges that we have not handled before, we now have an all-around item lineup that can be used in many more situations.

    ROTOSOUND / ROTO BASS RB45L Custom Gauge
    ROTOSOUND / ROTO BASS RB50L Custom Gauge
    ROTOSOUND / SM66D Custom Gauge
    ROTOSOUND / RS66LDE Custom Gauge
  • 話題の「DR Stringlife」お得なセットを期間限定販売中!

    話題の「DR Stringlife」お得なセットを期間限定販売中!


    We are selling a great value set of guitar / bass strings and the dreamy string cleaner DR "Stringlife" that can refresh strings. As is well known, Stringlife is not produced with mineral oil or silicone, but by a special molecular-bound liquid polymer that forms a barrier between the strings and acids or dirt, etc. Recommended for those who do not like the touch and feel characteristic of coated strings. For the set strings, we have carefully selected the recommended models to try from electric guitar, bass and acoustic guitar. The price is about 20% cheaper than purchasing the strings and cleaner separately. It's a great set that you can get a cleaner for just a few hundred yen! Whether you are a DR user or a beginner, please take this opportunity to try it out.

    Release period: Until 6/22 Wed.
    Lineup: DR StringLife Set
    Electric Guitar String 3 Pack MT-10
    Electric Guitar String 3 Pack PHR-10
    Electric bass 4 strings JSB-45
    Electric bass 5 strings JSB-545
    Acoustic Guitar String 3 Pack RPM-12

  • 楽器・音響の専門フリマサイト《サウンドマート》手数料無料キャンペーンに関するお知らせ








  • PLAYTECH's popular bass

    PLAYTECH's popular bass


    PLAYTECH / Lefty (left-handed) basses

    PLAYTECH's popular bass "JB420" and "PB450" lefty models are now in stock! Long-awaited lefty model for left-handed bassists, are available in PLAYTECH's standard "JB type" and "PB type". This is an excellent cost-performance model for beginner bassists or as a choice of first bass.
    The JB420 is an orthodox bass with two pickups. It has a variety of sounds as well as excellent playability and is recommended for beginners. The PB450 is equipped with one split-type pickup and has a simple structure that is easy to handle, as well as the heavy bass and deep tones that are unique to the "PB type".
    The Lefty model is produced in limited quantities, so take advantage of this opportunity!
  • BOSS bass amp special page to learn about home practice、 has been released!

    BOSS bass amp special page to learn about home practice、 has been released!


    We have released a special page for BOSS bass amps to learn about home practice. This page introduces two models, the combo amplifier "KATANA-BASS" with an audio-interface function and the wireless headphone amplifier "WAZA-AIR BASS" that is ideal for carrying around. Both are bass amps that incorporate a built-in high-quality amp type and abundant effects, and focus on playing with good sound even at home. Please see the special page for details.

    BOSS bass amp special page
  • Get'm Get'm Straps Finally Arrived!

    Get'm Get'm Straps Finally Arrived!


    Get'm Get'm Straps are now available! The unique design suit rock and metal genre! The straps are carefully handmade one by one in Los Angeles, USA, and have excellent durability. The straps can be also enjoyed as fashion and are used by many famous musicians around the world.

    You can now receive 10 times more points with a coupon! Get your Get'm Get'm strap with more points!

    Get'm Get'm Points 10% Up Coupon
    ■ Period: 5/9
    ■ Coupon code: 7429
    ■ Target products: Get'mGet'm Straps
  • New OYAIDE Guitar/Bass cable

    New OYAIDE Guitar/Bass cable


    OYAIDE 「Ecstasy Cable LS」
    OYAIDE 「Ecstasy Cable SS」
    OYAIDE 「Ecstasy Cable LL」

    New OYAIDE "Ecstasy cable" is a high-end cable and patch cable for guitars and basses with high-resolution characteristics tailored to the modern music scene. The cables are tuned to provide an "organic and pleasing tone" in terms of both sound and playability, while maintaining the rich harmonic components of the instruments. The cable is highly durable enough to withstand excessive bending, and is so easy to handle that you will feel no stress.
    The "Tone" cable is tuned to produce a sound that is both quiet and loud, faithfully expressing the player's delicate touch, with a high sound density over the entire bandwidth, increased sound pressure, and a thicker core. The sound has an exquisite sense of balance that blends well with band ensembles, yet is easy to handle without any ear-piercing high-frequency characteristics. The clean/crunch emphasizes the fatness of the core, while the high-gain emphasizes the harmonic richness and distortion ride. It adapts to any P.U. or amp type and maximizes the potential of the guitar/bass.
    Please try the "Ecstasy Cable", a high-end guitar cable that has been carefully designed to achieve the "pleasant tone" that players desire.
  • New life support! Bargain sale information is being updated!

    New life support! Bargain sale information is being updated!


    Bargain sale information

    Musical instrument introductory sets, DTM related products, and PA equipment recommended for new life and new semester are on sale at a discount price! Limited-time sale items, limited-quantity items, and bargain items only for now constantly updating. Don't miss the chance to meet the items and bargains you wanted ♪



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