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  • D'Addario official direct partnership established

    D'Addario official direct partnership established


    Sound House is now an official direct partner with D'Addario, the well-known manufacturer of strings and accessories for guitars, basses and other musical instruments. D'Addario is known for introducing the industry's first automatic string winding machine, and for developing round wound strings and acoustic guitar strings using 80/20 bronze material. Over the years, the classic XL NICKEL series has become a global standard favored by guitarists and bassists around the world. In 2014, D'Addario announced the new NYXL series of electric guitar strings, which uses a new material, and in 2019 they released the XT series, which greatly improved pitch stability and string durability. Despite having been established in Italy about 400 years ago, even today, D'Addario is still a leading string manufacturer that keeps growing as a result of their constant search for innovation.

    D'Addario list
  • Timing of point reception will be changed.

    Timing of point reception will be changed.


    Thank you for using Soundhouse.
    The timing of point reception will be changed to 14 days after the shipping date. This will be effective from the shipments made on Tuesday, June 2.
    For details, please refer to the "User Guide" below.

    User's Guide About Points

    Thank you for your understating and continuous support.
  • ショールーム再開のお知らせ




    平日 10:00 ~ 17:00
    土曜 12:00 ~ 17:00


  • Notice of shipping cost changes

    Notice of shipping cost changes


    Thank you for shopping at Sound House.
    From May 27, Free Shipping will be offered for all orders over 2,000 yen (including tax).
    Orders less than 2,000 yen (including tax) will be charged a 550 yen shipping fee (including tax).
    We apologize for any inconvenience due to the changes in shipping costs, and we appreciate your understanding.
    We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.
  • Flat mandolin beginner set now available!

    Flat mandolin beginner set now available!


    We have prepared a set that is recommended for those who are considering taking up the flat mandolin! The set includes a flat mandolin, hard case, strap, clip tuner, and three picks. This set is a great value that will allow you to enjoy playing the mandolin as soon as it arrives. Wouldn't you like to take up the flat mandolin, an instrument that you can easily enjoy playing?

    Flat mandolin beginner set

    In addition to the set, we also offer a wealth of related products such as the mandolins, cases, strings, picks, and straps! Please also visit the Mandolin category page.

    Mandolin Category
  • 10-times-the-points campaign will continue!

    10-times-the-points campaign will continue!


    Due to overwhelming popularity, the points campaign targeting inventory items including DTM/DAW, musical instruments, PA, and lighting equipment handled by Sound House has been extended! Get up to 10 times the usual points for in-stock items! Please use this chance to upgrade your music life.

    ■10-times-the-points campaign
    Inventory list

    ※Some products, such as special bargains, are not eligible.
  • ご注文に関するお知らせ


  • Professional review of handmade violin kit!

    Professional review of handmade violin kit!


    SUZUKI (Suzuki Musical Instruments) SVG544 Handmade violin kit
    SUZUKI Handmade Musical Instrument Kit List

    Violinist Nozomi Fujiwara has released a video review of the assembly and performance of the SUZUKI/SVG544. An assembly kit in the surprisingly low 9,000 yen range that also allows you to perform a full-scale performance! She plays works like Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto which require transcendental techniques. Why not try making a violin while having fun with your children? It is also recommended as a practice instrument for those who play violin in earnest!!

    ■ Nozomi Fujiwara's profile
    At the age of 11, she performed with domestic and foreign orchestras, including the Krakow Symphony Orchestra. She has won awards including 2nd place in the Japan Classic Music Competition and 1st place in the All Japan Student Music Competition Fukuoka. After graduating from Toho Gakuen Graduate School and studying in Amsterdam where she also gained experience playing in an orchestra, she began performing in Japan in 2014. She also teaches a violin class, judges contests and is an online instructor in the Tokyo, Nagoya and Kanazawa areas. At present, she is holding a violin class in Kanazawa, and offers online lessons between performances.
    Official page
  • "High School Guitar and Mandolin Music Competition" special event being held!


    The "High School Guitar and Mandolin Music Competition" is a national tournament for high school students who play guitar and mandolin music in club activities. Only schools that have survived district competitions or recording contests are eligible to participate, and performances are high-level. This competition, which has been contributing to the development of guitar and mandolin music in Japan, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone, they are currently recruiting essays to be memorialized as a special project. Why don't you write about your memories and apply?

    Qualification: Those who have participated in the "High School Guitar and Mandolin Music Competition" or "High School Guitar and Mandolin Festival", the old name of the competition.
    Deadline: 2020/2/29 (postmarked by the date)

    The application guidelines for the memorial essays

    2020 High School Guitar and Mandolin Music Competition
    Date:2020/7/30, 31 (Times are still undecided.)
    Venue:Izumisano Civic Hall

    Details of the competition
  • Ghibli masterpiece

    Ghibli masterpiece


    Studio Ghibli announced the release of a live-action version of the 1995 animated movie "Whisper of the Heart". The story is based on the original story of the 1995 animated movie, but takes place 10 years later adding some new twists to the plot. The movie will be released nationwide on September 18. The two stars of the movie are Seino Nana, who will play the role of Shizuku Tsukishima, and Tori Matsuzaka, who will play the role of Seiji Amasawa. Other characters, including Shizuku and Seiji from their school days, will be announced at a later date.

    Seiji Amasawa was aiming to become a violin craftsman in the movie. The SUZUKI / SVG544 violin assembly kit is available at Sound House. With this, you could be Ghibli's Seiji Amasawa ...

    SUZUKI "SVG544"



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