• Introducing PRO X series high quality microphones M 70 PRO X and M 90 PRO X from beyerdynamic!

    Introducing PRO X series high quality microphones M 70 PRO X and M 90 PRO X from beyerdynamic!


    beyerdynamic / M70PRO X
    beyerdynamic / M90PRO X

    Introducing the M 70 PRO X dynamic microphone for streaming and the M 90 PRO X condenser microphone for studio recording, which have the performance required by the needs of the times.
    The M 70 PRO X is a dynamic microphone that achieves a transparent, well-balanced and natural sound by tuning the low-frequency characteristics. Uses a cardioid polar pattern that suppresses keyboard tapping sounds and environmental noise. The original internal double-structured pop filter suppresses pop noise.
    The M 90 PRO X is a condenser microphone equipped with a 34mm true condenser capsule that can accurately capture the subtleties of the voice. Very low noise level and wide headroom provide low distortion transmission. A high-quality microphone for a wide range of applications such as vocals, podcasts, radios, and picking up musical instruments.
  • SENNHEISER XS Lav! Giveaway and Review Campaign Begins

    SENNHEISER XS Lav! Giveaway and Review Campaign Begins


    SENNHEISER Lavalier Mike's new product XS Lav series present campaign has started!
    XS Lav is an ultra-compact lavalier microphone that can be used simply by connecting it directly to a smartphone or PC. Two types of USB type-c and TRRS connectors are available. High-quality sound recording is possible by using the capsules used in SENNHEISER's high-class lavalier microphones. The windscreen is designed to be difficult to come off, and the microphone is compact and packed with functionality for smartphones.

    To apply, just press the application button from the blog below. We await your many submissions. If you win, please post a product review at a later date.
    Blog SENNHEISER XS Lav review
    ■ Period: November 6, 2021 (Saturday)
  • audio technica 金色のAT2020が当たるチャンス!

    audio technica 金色のAT2020が当たるチャンス!



    応募期間: 11月1日 10:00まで

  • おすすめUSBマイク 7%ポイントアップクーポン

    おすすめUSBマイク 7%ポイントアップクーポン



    ■クーポンコード: [6224]
  • Super PayPay festival started! Sound House Super Deals Campaign

    Super PayPay festival started! Sound House Super Deals Campaign


    The "Super PayPay Festival," in which PayPay users will be rewarded with campaign-based bonuses, starts on October 18.! In addition to Up to 3% PayPay bonus depending on the amount of payment, Y! Mobile smartphone users, Yahoo! Premium members, and SoftBank smartphone users will receive a higher PayPay bonus return rate.
    * For details on the campaign, please refer to the PayPay campaign.

    What is PayPay?
    Campaign details
    How to use PayPay payment
  • Audio technica Dynamic microphone AT2040 is now on sale!

    Audio technica Dynamic microphone AT2040 is now on sale!


    audio technica / AT2040

    Audio technica, the dynamic microphone AT2040, which is ideal for streaming from home, is now on sale. Adopting hyper cardioid, it is possible to collect only the targeted sound even in an environment with a lot of room noise. The body is equipped with an integrated shock mount structure that suppresses vibration from the stand, etc., and uses a windscreen with a built-in pop filter made of a combination of two different materials. This item is recommended for those who want to enjoy narration and podcasting with clear sound quality!
  • AKGよりUSBマイクAra新発売!



    AKG 「Ara」

    AKGよりUSBマイクAraが新発売!FRONT / FRONT&BACK のデュアルピックアップパターンを搭載し、狙った音声だけでなく、全体の音声も収音することができます。宅録はもちろんミーティング、アコースティックギターなどの生演奏、実況配信など幅広い用途で活躍します。24-bit/96kHzのサンプリングレートに対応し、より高音質な配信/レコーディングを実現。付属スタンドの他、一般的なマイクスタンドにも対応し、使用環境に応じたセッティングが可能です。DAWソフト Ableton Live 11 Liteが付属し、PCを用意するだけで、本格的なレコーディングを楽しむことができます。
  • 高音質USBマイクの新商品 BOYA / BY-PM300 入荷!

    高音質USBマイクの新商品 BOYA / BY-PM300 入荷!


    BOYA 「BY-PM300」

  • 500 yen off coupon for your first order!

    500 yen off coupon for your first order!


    For first time customers of Sound House, we are offering a coupon for 500 yen off when you make a purchase of 2,000 yen or more via the web during this period.! If you are not yet a member, or if you have never used Sound House before, please take advantage of this special campaign period.

    Campaign Period: 10/31(Sun.)
    Coupon number: 5456
    How to use the coupon
    If you have already used Sound House, you are not eligible for this campaign.
    The coupon can only be used for web orders.
  • SENNHEISER / E604 limited special price sale start!

    SENNHEISER / E604 limited special price sale start!



    SENNHEISER has started a limited special price sale for the high-performance dynamic microphone E604 for musical instruments! Comes with a clip holder that can be attached directly to the tom or snare. It is shock-resistant, supports high sound pressure levels, and provides clear sound without distortion. It also supports stand mount, making it an ideal for picking up sounds such as drums and brass. Don't miss this opportunity!



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