• beyerdynamic 密閉型モニターヘッドホン「DT700PRO X」レビュー投稿キャンペーン!

    beyerdynamic 密閉型モニターヘッドホン「DT700PRO X」レビュー投稿キャンペーン!


    beyerdynamic密閉型モニターヘッドホン「DT700PRO X」レビュー投稿キャンペーンをスタート!
    「DT700PRO X」をご購入のうえ、サウンドハウス商品ページのレビューに投稿いただくと、3,000円分のポイントをプレゼントします!キャンペーン期間は2022年7月8日(金)までです。みなさんの感想お待ちしております。

    beyerdynamic 密閉型モニターヘッドホン「DT700PRO X」レビュー投稿キャンペーン!
  • 1000 yen OFF coupon for a pair of JBL's most popular studio monitors "305P MKII"!

    1000 yen OFF coupon for a pair of JBL's most popular studio monitors


    1,000 yen off coupon for a pair of JBL's most popular studio monitor "305P MKII"! The "305P MKII '' has a well-balanced and easy listening sound with JBL's unique image control waveguide and a high quality unit with greatly improved fidelity performance. This studio monitor speaker is recommended for a wide range of needs from listening to full-scale music production.

    Coupon code: [2431]
    ■Period: until 7/15
    Target Product List
    *Only applicable to in-stock items.
  • 【Limited Offer】 Effects Pedal

    【Limited Offer】 Effects Pedal


    One Control / Minimal Series Ebi BOX

    One Control's classic effects pedal "Minimal Series AB BOX" has collaborated with Sound House! The collaboration model of pedal is called "Minimal Series Ebi (Shrimp in Japanese: wordplay between AB and Ebi) BOX" and the design features a playfully illustrated shrimps. The Ebi BOX can be used in a various ways, such as switching between two amps or as a tuner out. It can also be used as a two-channel input selector since signals can be fed from the output to the input. The Minimal Series Ebi BOX is produced in limited quantity and is only available while supplies last!
  • 【最大15%還元】D'Angelicoギター対象ポイント10%アップクーポン!




    ■期間: 2022年7月25日(月)まで
    ■クーポンコード: [4107]
  • プラグインバンドルWAVES「Platinum」限定特価!



    WAVES 「Platinum」

    WAVESの人気プラグインバンドル「Platinum」を限定特価にて販売中です!ビンテージ系からハードなコンプレッションまで対応するRenaissance Compressorや、特許申請技術により低音の聞こえ方を補強できるプラグインMaxxBassに加えて、マスタリングにも活躍する人気のリミッターマキシマイザーL3-LL Ultramaximizerなども収録。幅広いミックスに役立つプラグインが満載です。お得なこのチャンスをお見逃しなく!
  • 【NOVATION User Privilege】 Free Plug-in Campaign!

    【NOVATION User Privilege】 Free Plug-in Campaign!


    For the Sound Collective member, the campaign offers free plug-ins to users of eligible NOVATION products. This time, until October 6, we are giving away Native Instruments' "LO-FI GLOW," which features tape sounds and distorted sounds!
    LO-FI GLOW" contains fuzzy, dirty, LO-FI sounds that are hazy and dirty. Intuitive parameter control allows you to quickly adjust the tone to your desired texture. If you are not yet a Sound Collective member, this is a great time to consider eligible NOVATION products!

    ■Applicable period
    Through October 06, 2022

    ■Applicable conditions
    ・Register the target NOVATION product on the manufacturer's website by the due date, download the plug-in, and activate it.
    ※Users who have already registered the applicable product with the manufacturer can download/activate the product from "MY SOFTWARE" after logging in to the manufacturer's website.

    List of Eligible Products

    Campaign page on the manufacturer's website
  • BOYA コンデンサーマイク「BY-M1000」を限定特価にて販売中!

    BOYA コンデンサーマイク「BY-M1000」を限定特価にて販売中!



    BOYA / BY-M1000
  • Onagawa Report June 23, 2022

    Onagawa Report June 23, 2022


    Soundhouse acquired the former Onagawa Junior High School, a 55-year-old school building completed in 1967, which was damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. When Soundhouse acquired it, the building was still in a state of rust and peeling paint. Nevertheless, the robustness of its frame is surprising, which was unaffected by a major earthquake of seismic intensity 7. The exterior of Onagawa Junior High School has now been redecorated in Ukrainian national colors. The two-tone blue and yellow colors look beautiful against the blue sky. The old Onagawa Junior High School blends with the thoughts and feelings not only of the many people who died in the earthquake, but also of those who graduated from the school and are still alive today. With everyone's dreams on it, the former Onagawa Junior High School is supporting Ukraine, hoping for a peaceful world!

    Click here for Sound House Onagawa information
  • VHT standard guitar amp

    VHT standard guitar amp


    VHT's masterpiece guitar amp "AV-D-50H" is back in stock! The Dumble-style guitar amplifier "AV-D-50H" is a modification of a phantom amplifier that the creator, Mr. Dumble himself, would only produce for his favorite guitarists. Dumble amps are very famous among amp enthusiasts as they have been used by famous guitarists such as Larry Carlton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer. This is a very popular item that sold out shortly after its last arrival, so please consider this a great opportunity to own one.

    VHT / AV-D-50H
  • Popular DA converter RME "ADI-2 DAC fs" is in stock!

    Popular DA converter RME


    The popular DA converter "ADI-2 DAC fs" with extremely clear sound is in stock!

    "ADI-2 DAC fs" supports PCM 768kHz / DSD 11.2MHz and realizes a high-resolution playback environment. It boasts the highest performance as a DAC / headphone amplifier and is a new reference for RME. Please take this opportunity to consider high-quality RME sound!

    RME / ADI-2 DAC fs



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