• TAMA has released new S.L.P. Series and STAR Reserve Series Snare Drums!

    TAMA has released new S.L.P. Series and STAR Reserve Series Snare Drums!


    New snare drum models have been released by TAMA!
    The STAR Reserve "TBRS1455H" snare drum uses new parts and specs from other series models and is not bound by the framework of STAR Drums series. From the SLP (Sound Lab Project) series, which offers a rich lineup of shell materials, two new models are available: the "LSG1465-SNG" made of spotted gum, and the "LSS1465" that uses 1.2mm stainless steel.

    TAMA "TBRS1455H"
    TAMA "LSS1465"
    TAMA "LSG1465-SNG"
  • 【NAMM】SOLID STATE LOGICよりオーディオインターフェイスSSL2登場!

    【NAMM】SOLID STATE LOGICよりオーディオインターフェイスSSL2登場!


    SOLID STATE LOGICより、USBオーディオインターフェイスSSL2が登場しました。最高級オーディオミキシングコンソールを手掛ける同社の技術により、比類ないオーディオ特性と広いゲインレンジを持つオリジナルデザインのマイクプリを2系統装備。さらに、SL4000シリーズコンソールのサウンドにインスパイアされた、あらゆる入力ソースにアナログの色づけを施す "4K" スイッチをそれぞれのチャンネルに搭載。24bit/192kHz AD/DAコンバーターにより、 サウンドの全てを余すところなく表現します。2IN/2OUTのSSL2、2IN/4OUT仕様のSSL2+の2モデルをラインナップ。豊富なソフトウェアも付属し、手軽に高音質なレコーディングを楽しむことが可能です。


  • One SHURE wireless outlet item is now on sale at special price!

    One SHURE wireless outlet item is now on sale at special price!


    SHURE "SVX14CVL Outlet Item"

    One SHURE / SVX14CVL outlet item is now on sale at special price! This Lavalier Microphone Set is ideal for presentations, speeches and Event MCs. The microphone is small and inconspicuous, and is unidirectional, making it easy to handle; it is also strong against feedback. Limited to only one. Don't miss this opportunity.
  • New Fostex AP05mk2 released !!

    New Fostex AP05mk2 released !!


    Fostex "AP05mk2"

    The AP05mk2 is a 5W + 5W output power amp that can easily be used with DIY speakers. A clearer, more balanced sound has been achieved by making improvements to the predecessor model. The new model is equipped with an auto standby function that helps to reduce power consumption. A simple design with only a stereo mini input terminal and one large volume knob that is easy to adjust. Cables are included, so you can put it to use on the day it arrives.
  • UVI introduces the Vintage Vault 3!

    UVI introduces the Vintage Vault 3!


    UVI "Vintage Vault 3"

    Vintage Vault 3 is a software instrument that contains a wide range of UVI-rich vintage synthesizer and drum machine sounds! It includes a unique collection of 65 instruments, 500,000 samples, and presets created using over 10,000 real instruments. In addition, the sophisticated design provides a simple, streamlined workflow. This will no doubt be indispensable to those in music production! Vintage Vault 3 will be released at a commemorative price until 1/31 (Fri). Do not miss this opportunity!
  • The long-awaited "BOSS / WAZA-AIR" now back in stock!

    The long-awaited


    Finally, The BOSS / WAZA-AIR is back in stock after a long time of low supply due to its huge popularity. The BOSS / WAZA-AIR personal amplifier system, which offers an unprecedented experience, combining high-quality guitar amplifiers and effects with innovative BOSS stereophonic technology. It is a headphone-type amplifier, yet it sounds like an actual amplifier. Furthermore, the completely wireless system offers a stress-free performance. If you play your favorite music via Bluetooth, you will feel as if you were at the artist side. Please get this as soon as possible!

  • Ghibli masterpiece

    Ghibli masterpiece


    Studio Ghibli announced the release of a live-action version of the 1995 animated movie "Whisper of the Heart". The story is based on the original story of the 1995 animated movie, but takes place 10 years later adding some new twists to the plot. The movie will be released nationwide on September 18. The two stars of the movie are Seino Nana, who will play the role of Shizuku Tsukishima, and Tori Matsuzaka, who will play the role of Seiji Amasawa. Other characters, including Shizuku and Seiji from their school days, will be announced at a later date.

    Seiji Amasawa was aiming to become a violin craftsman in the movie. The SUZUKI / SVG544 violin assembly kit is available at Sound House. With this, you could be Ghibli's Seiji Amasawa ...

    SUZUKI "SVG544"
  • Two electric ukulele models from SEAGULL!

    Two electric ukulele models from SEAGULL!


    Canadian brand, SEAGULL, well-known for their acoustic guitars, has released their first two soprano-sized electric ukuleles, the Uke Nylon SG Burst EQ (nylon string type) and Uke Steel SG Burst EQ (steel string type). Both models, which incorporate techniques cultivated in their acoustic guitar production, have an unusual through-neck structure. Equipped with open gear double machine heads (2 aside), they are designed so that the strings are straight from the bridge to the machine head. The flat rosewood fingerboard with no R is zero-fretted for stable tuning and pitch. Volume and tone controls are located on the body top. They have a calm, semi-gloss burnt amber burst finish combined with a pearloid pickguard.

    SEAGULL GUITAR "Uke Nylon SG Burst EQ"
    SEAGULL GUITAR "Uke Steel SG Burst EQ"
  • Acoustic guitar Lefty PU released by SKYSONIC!

    Acoustic guitar Lefty PU released by SKYSONIC!


    High-quality acoustic guitar pickup brand, SKYSONIC, has released the "NEW T-902 LH" sound hole pickup for left handed players! The T-902 has an acoustic characteristic that makes the mid-range stand out making it easier to hear the guitar when playing in a band. Designed to reduce noise, it can be used in live houses where pickups are easily affected by noise from lighting and other equipment. The built-in active circuit uses a 3V button battery making the output is higher, so that an external preamplifier is not required. Equipped with two types of pickups: magnetic and condenser mic. The main unit has a master volume and separate volume control for the condenser mic, and the balance of the two pickups can be adjusted. You can also fine-tune the sound character by using a gooseneck with the condenser microphone to find a position that suits your tastes.

    SKYSONIC Product List
  • The new ROLAND / TD-27KV electronic drum set -- the quality of flagship models in a compact form!

    The new ROLAND / TD-27KV electronic drum set -- the quality of flagship models in a compact form!


    A new model has been released in ROLAND's electronic drum V-Drums series! The TD-27KV is equipped with the TD-27 module, which has a powerful expressive capabilities similar to those of the TD-50 flagship model. Digital pads are used for snares and rides, resulting in a easy to play compact set. In addition, it is equipped with a coaching mode to enhance practice and daily training, as well as a Bluetooth function for wireless connection with mobile devices. The TD-27KV can be used not only for practice at home, but also for studio work.

    ROLAND "TD-27KV"



CLASSIC PRO / Alkaline Battery

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