• We are offering some of the Thomastik-Infeld "Mandolin Strings Heavy" at a special limited-time price!

    We are offering some of the Thomastik-Infeld


    Of the "Mandolin Strings Heavy" by Thomastik-Infeld, the E, D, and G strings are now on sale at a limited special price!
    This product, a standard flat-wound mandolin string, has a steel core made of a special alloy to achieve excellent durability and elasticity. It features a clean, clear tone and the soft sound unique to flat-wound strings. If you are looking for heavy-tension mandolin strings, don't miss this opportunity!

    Thomastik-Infeld / Heavy E
    Thomastik-Infeld / Heavy D
    Thomastik-Infeld / Heavy G
  • MEINL products are in stock one after another!

    MEINL products are in stock one after another!


    Products from the German percussion and cymbal manufacturer MEINL are arriving in rapid succession!
    The ID3GO wart-shaped drum with a unique sound, the Zingle Stick, which is popular for its ease of swing and the round tambourine with a long sustain and low pitch for a warm sound are just a few of the items of note!
    Please take this opportunity to check out MEINL products that add color to your sound!

  • PLAYTECH's 10 hole harmonica "PHA-100" is now available!

    PLAYTECH's 10 hole harmonica


    PLAYTECH's 10 hole harmonica "PHA-100" is now in stock.
    There are seven keys in total, so you can choose the key that matches the song you want to play. The 10 holes harmonica is easy to play even for beginners, and is available at a reasonable price. Please consider this opportunity.

    PHA-100 Key of C
    PHA-100 Key of D
    PHA-100 Key of E
    PHA-100 Key of F
    PHA-100 Key of G
    PHA-100 Key of A
    PHA-100 Key of B
  • NO WAVEの中心人物、ジェームス・チャンス死去。

    NO WAVEの中心人物、ジェームス・チャンス死去。


    1980年前後のニューヨークのアンダーグラウンドミュージックを語る上では欠かせないムーブメント、ノー・ウェイヴ(No wave)。シーンの中心人物の一人であるジェームス・チャンスが長い闘病生活の末、亡くなったと発表されました。享年71歳。

    NO WAVEレジェンド、ジェームス・チャンス死去
  • TC ELECTRONIC / Ditto Looper Firmware Update

    TC ELECTRONIC / Ditto Looper Firmware Update


    Thank you for visiting Soundhouse.
    We have confirmed that there is a problem with TC ELECTRONIC's looper "Ditto Looper" when updated to the latest firmware (version 1.1.00) at this time. We are currently confirming the details with the manufacturer, so we kindly ask customers who own this device and have not yet performed the update to continue using it without updating the firmware.

    TC ELECTRONIC / Ditto Looper
  • Cello string set "PSC100" is now available from PLAYTECH!

    Cello string set



    From Sound House's brand, PLAYTECH, known for its exceptional value, comes the new cello string set "PSC100"! The set includes four strings: A, D, G, and C. The core wire is made of steel, and the winding wire is made of nickel, silver, and copper, making these cello strings highly cost-effective. They are recommended for string replacement on instruments like the PLAYTECH PVC244 cello. Be sure to give them a try!
  • JOE BARDEN's pickup "DGT-Style N" at a limited special price!

    JOE BARDEN's pickup


    JOE BARDEN "DGT-Style N" pickup, designed for the late Danny Gatton, the world's greatest and most obscure guitarist is now available at a limited sale price!
    Its punchy and glossy sound has made it a super-standard model chosen by Telecaster players all over the world.
    Additionally, by combining it with the "DGT-Style B" for the bridge position, the output difference between the neck and bridge pickups commonly found in Telecasters can be eliminated, achieving a balanced, noiseless sound. Please consider this opportunity!

    JOE BARDEN / DGT-Style N
  • C.C. Shiny Case II, the best-selling wind instrument case, in stock!

    C.C. Shiny Case II, the best-selling wind instrument case, in stock!


    The very popular C.C. Shiny Case II, which has sold over 100,000 cases in total since its launch in 2003, is now in stock!
    These cases are robust and lightweight, using the latest fiberglass materials. Additionally, with a wide range of colors available, you are sure to find a case that suits your preferences. We have also received a large stock of the new Color Mall series. Take advantage of this opportunity to check them out!

    C.C. Shiny Case II List
  • Laney introduces new pedal-type preamp models!

    Laney introduces new pedal-type preamp models!


    Laney's popular guitar amp, "IRONHEART LIONHEART," now comes with pedal-type preamps in the Tom Quayle and Martin Miller models. These models are collaborations with two talented guitarists in the fusion world. While retaining the characteristics of traditional Laney amps, they also provide the sound that guitarists are looking for in a tube amp.
    More information will be posted on the Sound House product page as soon as it is announced. Stay tuned!

  • エルヴィス・プレスリーの「サスピシャス・マインド」のソングライター、マーク・ジェイムズ死去



    1969年のエルヴィス・プレスリーの大ヒット曲「Suspicious Minds」やB.J.トーマスの「Hooked on a Feeling」などを手掛け、2014年にはソングライターとしての殿堂入りを果たしたマーク・ジェイムスが6月8日にナッシュビルで死去したと地元紙が報道しました。享年83歳。
    1960年代後半、メンフィスのレコード・プロデューサー、チップス・モーマンの専属ソングライターになり、1968年にはチップス・モーマンによるプロデュースのもと「Suspicious Minds」をシングルで発表。翌1969年にエルヴィス・プレスリーが同じくチップス・モーマンのプロデュースで同曲のカバーをリリースすると全米No.1の大ヒット曲となり、エルヴィス・プレスリーのライブ定番曲になったことでもお馴染みです。2022年に公開された伝記映画『エルヴィス』においても頻繁に流れており、エルヴィスのキャリアにおいても重要な曲だったことが窺えます。
    また、とくにB. J. Thomasには多くの楽曲を提供しており、中でも「Hooked on a Feeling」は、後のヒット曲「雨ぬれても」と並ぶB. J. Thomasの代表曲として人気のナンバーです。
    他にもThe Box Topsの「Turn On A Dream」、イギリスの女性歌手Petula Clarkがメンフィスに渡って制作したアルバム『Memphis』に収録された「When The World Was Round」など、さまざまなアーティストの作品でマーク・ジェイムズの曲を聴くことができます。
    作曲家としての活躍を見せる一方、1973年にはバリー・マン、スティーヴ・カッツなどをバックに従えて制作されたソロ・アルバム「Mark James」をリリース。ダウン・トゥ・アースでソウルフルなサウンドを放つスワンプロックの名盤として、現在もアメリカン・ロックファンから人気の高いアルバムです。長きに渡りハートウォーミングなナンバーを作り続け、アメリカンポップスをホットに彩ってきたマーク・ジェイムスのご冥福をお祈りいたします。

    Mark James, hit-making songwriter of ‘Suspicious Minds,’ dies at 83



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