• Answer the Quiz and Win Fabulous Prizes! Celebrate Rock Day on June 9th!

    Answer the Quiz and Win Fabulous Prizes! Celebrate Rock Day on June 9th!


    June 9th is Rock Day!

    Answer rock-themed quizzes and find the hidden items! There are a total of 30 questions across three levels. Once you find all the hidden items, you'll be entered into a draw to win rock-themed rewards!

    Application Period: June 4 to June 25

    Rock Day 2024
  • GIBSON & MESA BOOGIE guitar amps now in stock!

    GIBSON & MESA BOOGIE guitar amps now in stock!


    The GIBSON guitar amp "FALCON 20", familiar to guitarists, and MESA BOOGIE cabinets are now in stock.

    The "FALCON 20" is based on the 1960s Gibson Falcon amp and is handcrafted by Randall Smith and the MESA/Boogie design team at the California factory. Improved structure and tone reflect Randall's 50 years of experience.

    Please experience the tone and feeling reminiscent of expressive vintage Gibsons.

    GIBSON / Falcon 20 1x12 Combo
    MESA BOOGIE / 1x12 Rectifier 23 Cabinet
    MESA BOOGIE / 2x12 Rectifier Diagonal Cabinet
  • 【再々延長決定】VOLTシリーズ「UAD Essentialsバンドル付属」プロモーション開催中!

    【再々延長決定】VOLTシリーズ「UAD Essentialsバンドル付属」プロモーション開催中!


    UNIVERSAL AUDIO「VOLTシリーズ」に“UAD Essentials Edition”バンドル($299相当)が無償付属するキャンペーンの期間再延長が決定。プロアマ問わず高い人気を集めているオーディオインターフェイスである「VOLTシリーズ」をこの機会にぜひご検討ください!


    Volt + UADプロモーション 一覧

    対象製品をご購入のうえ、期間内にUniversal Audio社サイトにてご自身のアカウントへ製品登録を行っていただくと、“UAD Essentials Edition”バンドルがアカウントに追加されます。
    バンドル内の各プラグインが、UA Connect アプリケーション(WindowsまたはMac)の [UAD Plug-Ins]パネル内に表示されます。“ACTIVATE LICENSE”ボタンをクリックした後、画面指示に従ってダウンロードとインストールにお進みください。

    Universal Audio : Volt + UAD Essentials バンドル・プロモーション
  • 【再延長決定】ANTELOPE AUDIOリアルタイムエフェクト+Bitwig Essentialsキャンペーン

    【再延長決定】ANTELOPE AUDIOリアルタイムエフェクト+Bitwig Essentialsキャンペーン


    ANTELOPE AUDIOのオーディオインターフェース「Synergy Core シリーズ」をご購入の方に、90種類を超えるリアルタイムエフェクトとBitwig Essentialsのライセンスを提供するキャンペーンをご好評につき6月までキャンペーン期間延長!
    90種類以上のFXの中にはアウトボードEQ、コンプレッサーなどのオンボード・リアルタイム・エミュレーションなど、幅広く活躍するものが揃っています。Bitwig Essentialsは独自のモジュレーションシステムを搭載し、サウンドメイクからライブ・パフォーマンスまであらゆる現場での活躍が期待されるDAW。プロクオリティのサウンドをお得に手に入れるチャンス。この機会にぜひAntelope製品をご検討ください!

    ■ 対象商品
    ANTELOPE AUDIO / Synergy Core シリーズ

    ■ キャンペーンの流れ
    1. 対象の「Synergy Core」オーディオインターフェイスを購入。
    2. リアルタイムエフェクトは、商品のアクティベーション中に自動的に同期されます。
    *afx2daw & Auto-Tune Synergyは含まれていません。
    3. Bitwig Essentialsのコードは、ANTELOPEアカウントページ内「My Software」へ表示されます。

    ■ 対象期間
  • Protege tuba mouthpiece from Laskey!

    Protege tuba mouthpiece from Laskey!


    Laskey / tuba mouthpiece Protege

    The tuba mouthpiece 'Protege' is now available from Laskey, a trendy brand amongst brass players!

    It is based on the best-selling "28H" mouthpiece and features the same throat, backbore, and cup shape. However, the inner diameter of the rim has been designed to be smaller, from 32.51mm to 32.26mm. This mouthpiece is suitable for a wide range of players, from beginners to F and Eb tuba players. Please consider this opportunity.
  • [Up to 20% back] BOYA & Saramonic 10% off coupon!

    [Up to 20% back] BOYA & Saramonic 10% off coupon!


    A 10% off coupon is being distributed for products from BOYA and Saramonic, the standard brand of external microphones for smartphones and PCs!

    It's a great opportunity to use the coupon and get items that can upgrade your sound quality to the next level at a bargain. These items include smartphone microphones and audio interfaces that can connect directly to iPhones and Android smartphones, USB microphones that are easy to operate, condenser microphones perfect for professional recording, and wireless microphones for cameras and smartphones that can be used for Vlog shooting, YouTube, and TikTok video creation and streaming. It will surely be a great help for recording narration, singing, podcasting, game live streaming, and remote meetings! This coupon is only available for a limited time, so please take advantage of this opportunity♪

    Period: Until June 30, 2024 (Sun.)
    Coupon code: [145725] (Japanese only)
    List of eligible products
    Only for in-stock items
  • Now available: Guitar & effects brand "FLAMMA"!

    Now available: Guitar & effects brand


    FLAMMA product list

    We have started offering the guitar and effects brand FLAMMA, which is known for its excellent functionality and affordable prices.

    Flamma is a brand from China founded by experienced musicians and veteran engineers. They offer a lineup of compact, easy-to-use products that allow professionals and amateurs alike to create the sound they are looking for quickly. They offer affordable prices for a variety of effects, headphone amps, and even guitars themselves, making them an excellent ally for students and those who enjoy playing instruments while working. Be sure to check them out!
  • IK Multimedia has released a new high-resolution compact monitor, the iLoud MTM MKII!

    IK Multimedia has released a new high-resolution compact monitor, the iLoud MTM MKII!


    IK Multimedia's popular monitor speaker, the iLoud MTM, has evolved and is now available as the iLoud MTM MKII.

    Two 3.5-inch high-performance woofers and a high-resolution 1-inch tweeter with a back chamber are arranged symmetrically, top to bottom, left to right, and the MTM (mid-woofer + tweeter + mid-woofer) design, often called "virtual coaxial," is used. This means that even in the near field, the playback sounds of the woofer and tweeter are not separated, and they sound as if they are coming from a single point. There is no problem with each frequency band reaching the ear at different times, as with conventional 2-way systems so that you won't get tired even after extended mixes.

    Please consider the iLoud MTM MKII, a high-resolution compact monitor with a virtual coaxial design!




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