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  • Professional plays PLAYTECH Tuba and Sousaphone!

    Professional plays PLAYTECH Tuba and Sousaphone!


    Tuba player Ryoto Fukuoka reviewed PLAYTECH's Tuba Sousaphone! A wide lineup from the popular plastic Tubas, rotary tubas with outstanding operability and sousaphones. Although the tuba has an expensive image, it is available at the shockingly low PLAYTECH price! Please check it out.

    Player's Profile
    Born in Gunma Prefecture.
    Graduated from Saitama Prefecture Inagakuen Comprehensive Upper Secondary School and Kunitachi College of Music. He studied tuba with Yukihiro Ikeda and Daishi Furumoto and chamber music with Toru Miura and Mitsuru Saito. Upon graduating from university, he joined the JGSDF and served as a tuba player in the Tohoku Band in Sendai. Currently, in addition to performing at theme parks, he focuses on brass band, orchestra and brass band extras, live activities, and lessons for students and adults.

    Review video of Sousaphone, a plastic tuba from PLAYTECH
    PLAYTECH Plastic Tubas PTBB100
    PLAYTECH Sousaphone PTSH200

    PLAYTECH Tuba Review Video PTBB200/PTBB300 Version
  • Score publication information for

    Score publication information for


    The popular TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" theme song "Gurenge / LiSA" score is now available!

    [Brass Band]
    This is a small brass band arrangement. You can play with normal percussion instruments!

    [Brass Band]
    Grade 3.0 brass band arrangement that is easy to play.

    [Trumpet solo]
    With a karaoke CD! Many other hit songs are included.

    [Guitar solo]
    It is a collection of guitar songs with TAB notation!

    [Piano solo & piano vocal]
    This is the same Key as the original song (Em).

    [Band Score]
    This is the same Key as the original song (Em).
    The parts are for vocals & chorus, chorus, piano, electric guitar x 3, electric bass (5 string bass!), Drums x 2.
  • Professionals trumpeter tries plastic trumpet!

    Professionals trumpeter tries plastic trumpet!


    Masateru Nishikata, a trumpeter, reviewed PLAYTECH's plastic trumpet. The plastic trumpet emits the high tone that Nishikata is known for well enough, and he was surprised with the sound he got, making really wonder if it really was a plastic tube. The normal colors are 15,800 yen plus tax, while gold and silver are 19,800 yen plus tax, prices you can only get with a private brand! Please try them out.

    Masateru Nishikata's profile:
    He began cello at the age of 10 and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school. Longing to be like Eric Miyashiro, he self-taught himself trumpet at the age of 22. To date, he has participated in numerous recordings, including the theme song for the TV Asahi “Zawa Tsukuri Friday”, the theme songs for AUTOBACS and GyaO, and trumpet solos for songs by artists such as Chisako Takashima, Taro Hakase, and Iwao Furusawa. In 2017, he formed and became leader of “Western Band”, with “working on music that makes everyone smile" as his motto.

    Video review by Masateru Nishikata
    PLAYTECH PTTR100 series product list
    Triggers are used for the first and third slide tubes. 10 colors.
  • Check out the reasonable recorder in these videos!

    Check out the reasonable recorder in these videos!


    Recorder player Nakasako Sakana comments on five PLAYTECH recorders. Three great videos: Part 1 covers the sopranino, soprano and alto recorders that can be purchased for about 500 yen to 1,000 yen; Part 2 covers tenor and bass recorders which can be obtained at a shockingly low prices; and Part 3 is an ensemble version where you can listen to a troika using all of these instruments! These can also be used as a reference for the pitch, tone, and actual size of the instruments. These recorders are also recommended for those who are considering starting a musical instrument and also for playing solos between vocals in songs.

    Demonstration of soprano recorder, soprano recorder and alto recorder
    Demonstration of tenor recorder and bass recorder
    Ensemble Troika
  • PLAYTECH wind instruments now in stock!

    PLAYTECH wind instruments now in stock!


    PLAYTECH wind instruments have outstanding cost performance. You can buy instruments that are generally expensive at affordable PLAYTECH prices! Each instrument is inspected before shipment and repair & adjustment after purchase are supported by our knowledgeable staff.

    PLAYTECH 「Oboe PTOB200」
    Like high-end models, it is equipped with a third octave key allowing you to fully performance in brass band and orchestras, making it seem out of place in the 60,000 yen range.

    PLAYTECH 「Eb clarinet PTCL200E」
    You can buy Eb clarinet, which offers many opportunities for various activities, in the 10,000 yen range.
    The use of leather pads has further improved the thickness and airtightness of the sound.

    PLAYTECH 「Marching baritone PTMB200S」
    For outdoor performances such as sports events!
    The front bell and thick tube achieve both dynamic sound and blowing ease. It is smaller than the Marching Euphonium.

    PLAYTECH 「Marching melophone PTMP200S」
    Equipped with a trumpet shank and also includes a trumpet mouthpiece, horn mouthpiece and adapter.

    PLAYTECH 「Tenor bass trombone PTSL301」
    A tenor bass trombone equipped with a mechanical rotary.
    Because of its thin tube, even beginners can easily produce sound. It has been favored in a wide range of genres such as brass band, orchestra and jazz.

  • Yamaha Disney Collection 2020

    Yamaha Disney Collection 2020


    Mickey & Minnie (white), Winnie the Pooh (amber), and the fashionable cat Marie (pink) appear on the classic TDM-700 YAMAHA tuner/metronome! There are also other items printed with Disney characters on them, such as clarinet swabs and polishing cloths. Not only are they cute but also durable and instrument-friendly construction, so they are recommended for those who are looking for cute maintenance goods.

    YAMAHA「TDM-700DMN5 ミッキー&ミニー」
    YAMAHA「TDM-700DPO4 くまのプーさん」
    YAMAHA「TDM-700DMRE おしゃれキャット マリー」
    YAMAHA「CLSM2DPOクリーニングスワブ くまのプーさん」

    発掘したよ!~かわいい楽器小物あつまれ~ 2020
  • Plastic trumpet grade up!

    Plastic trumpet grade up!


    Plastic trumpets have become a popular topic on TV. Sound House has resumed selling the plastic trumpets adding the triggers for the first and third tuning pipes with 10 color variations. It is lightweight, colorful, washable and easy to maintain, making it suitable for outdoor performances and marching, as well as for indoor performance such as school. Normal color is available at ¥15,800 (tax not included), gold / silver at ¥19,800 (tax not included)! Please check it out!

    PLAYTECH PTTR100 series
    Black / blue / green / orange / purpre / red / white / yellow / gold / silver
    Metal piston and mouth pipe (including casing)
    Mouthpiece, bag included
  • Sound sources released for reference for 2020 theme songs!

    Sound sources released for reference for 2020 theme songs!


    Sound sources for reference for some of the 2020 theme songs the All Japan Wind Orchestra Contest, a classic summer event nicknamed "Suikon", have been released.

    2020 theme songs:
    I "Toys Parade" composed by Yuichi Hirayama, 30th Asahi Composition Award
    sample listning
    II "Ryutandan" composed by Nobuhito Sato
    sample listning
    III "Bokura no invention" composed by Akira Miyagawa
    sample listning
    IV "Yell March for Wind Orchestra" composed by Hideki Miyashita
    sample listning
    V "Fantasia for Wind Orchestra - Praise for Arnold Schoenberg" composed by Rinto Ogata, high school / University / workplace / General only
    sample listning

    Orders for sheet music being accepted as shown below, to be shipped in late January 2020.
    How to order:
    [Postal transfer]
    (1) Include the following information on the postal transfer form provided at the post office, together with the total amount.
    Account number "00160-8-4457"
    Subscriber name "All Japan Wind Band Federation"
    "Postal code and address (from prefecture name), name, phone number of the shipping address"
    In the communication column, "2020 tunes, desired product names and quantities"
    (2) Shipments will start from January 31, 2020 (current schedule).
    (3) If the shipping destination is a school, specify the school name.
    (4) If you need a receipt, please enclose a copy of the bank slip and a reply envelope (paste stamp, fill in address and name).
    [Send to] 102-0075, 24 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 5th floor, Hayashi Sanbancho Building, 5th floor, All Japan Wind Band
    (5) Returns and cancellations are not accepted. Please order after checking the products carefully.

    Wind Instruments
  • 2020年1月のM8吹奏楽新譜情報!



    エムハチの略称で吹奏楽奏者におなじみのミュージック エイト社より、2020年1月の新譜が4日に発売されました。



    ジャズ フルバンド版
    ジャズ マジックコンボ版
  • 10 times the points on all COUNTRYMAN products!

    10 times the points on all COUNTRYMAN products!


    If you purchase COUNTRYMAN products right now, you will receive 10 times the points! It is a chance to get the best-selling DIs and high quality lavalier microphones from COUNTRYMAN!




CLASSIC PRO / Alkaline Battery

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