• Popular Native Instruments PCDJ controller significantly reduced in price for a limited time only

    Popular Native Instruments PCDJ controller significantly reduced in price for a limited time only


    Native Instruments「TRAKTOR KONTROL S3」

    The Native Instruments / TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 PCDJ controller with standard club 4-channel layout and large jog wheel is now available at a limited-time-only special price. It comes with the professional-grade TRAKTOR PRO 3 DJ software and supports TRAKTOR DJ 2, the free DJ app for iPad, Mac & Win. Features include eight RBG pads on each deck for quick control of the HOTCUE, loop and sample functions. It is also equipped with a three-band EQ modeled after industry-standard mixer EQs, and Mixer FX for one-touch control of the effects and as well as three filters that can be assigned to each channel. If you're just starting out as a DJ or looking for some serious equipment to practice at home, don't miss this opportunity!
  • Timing of point reception will be changed.

    Timing of point reception will be changed.


    Thank you for using Soundhouse.
    The timing of point reception will be changed to 14 days after the shipping date. This will be effective from the shipments made on Tuesday, June 2.
    For details, please refer to the "User Guide" below.

    User's Guide About Points

    Thank you for your understating and continuous support.
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  • Notice of shipping cost changes

    Notice of shipping cost changes


    Thank you for shopping at Sound House.
    From May 27, Free Shipping will be offered for all orders over 2,000 yen (including tax).
    Orders less than 2,000 yen (including tax) will be charged a 550 yen shipping fee (including tax).
    We apologize for any inconvenience due to the changes in shipping costs, and we appreciate your understanding.
    We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.
  • New DENON "X1850 PRIME" DJ product launched -- 4-channel DJ mixer for professionals

    New DENON


    DENON DJ 「X1850 PRIME Professional 4-channel DJ Club Mixer」

    DENON DJ announced the release of the X1850 PRIME, a 4-channel DJ mixer with excellent operability and expandability.
    It retains the popular OLED screen and touch strip functionality of the previous model, the X1800 Prime, and enables creative effects manipulation and grasp of effect types at a glance. This professional DJ mixer offers enhanced sound quality, enhanced Sweep FX capabilities, and improved performance, making it the perfect item for more DJs.

    【Main features】
    *4-channel professional DJ club mixer with multi assignable inputs
    *16 types of professional-level BPM FX with FX quantification control *MIDI start with clock function for external instrument synchronization *3-band EQ section with excellent visibility *High durability and smooth channel and line faders.
    *Independent Sweep FX and Filter for each channel *High-visibility OLED display for FX and setting adjustment *Dual USB connections for software and audio devices *XLR with EQ/level/talk-over (1/4" combo) microphone input x2 *Denon DJ "Flex-Fader" crossfader with tension adjustment *24-bit/96kHz digital output *Four Digital inputs for high-resolution mixing
    *5 port LAN hub for network and StagelinQ lighting and video connections *Highly durable metal body *IEC power connector with locking function

    Release date: May 28, 2020
  • New product DENON DJ

    New product DENON DJ


    DENON DJ / PRIME GO 2-Deck DJ Console with Touch Screen

    DENON DJ has released a new product "PRIME GO" from the PRIME series.
    It is a 2-channel smart DJ console with a turntable and mixer integrated in one unit, which is becoming popular recently.
    It has a 7-inch touchscreen in the center of the unit and the ENGINE OS platform, enabling you to perform a DJ performance without a computer. In addition, it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to four hours of continuous use. It also weighs only 3.6kg, making it ideal for outdoor parties or after-parties in lounge.

    【Main features】
    * 2 deck smart DJ console that can be fit into a backpack
    * 7-inch HD touchscreen
    * Built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 4 hours of continuous use
    * Compatible with Wi-Fi connection and wired internet connection for streaming
    * Dual bank performance pad to trigger hot cues/loops/rolls
    * Professional-grade audio quality and connectivity
    * RCA AUX input for media players/tablets/smartphones
    * Touch Capacitive Jog Wheel
    * Analyze standalone music files and Rekordbox™ collections
    * The track preview function enables to audit without loading a song.
    * Assignable FX module, 3-band EQ, filter/sweep FX
    * Two level controlled XLR (1/4" combo) microphone inputs
    * Built-in USB memory and SD card slot
    * Dimensions (width x depth x height): 411mm x 274mm x 53mm
    * Weight (without USB and power cable): 3.68 kg

    Video: https://youtu.be/dMQb0GShVaQ
    Release date: May 28, 2020
  • KORG DJ sampler/rhythm machine now in stock

    KORG DJ sampler/rhythm machine now in stock



    The KAOSSILATOR PRO+ sampler and rhythm machine for DJs is now available.
    A DJ performance effector with a total of 250 sound programs that pioneered the use of gadget instruments.
    Recommended for a wide range of applications including music production, as well as performance using loop recording.
  • 【Home DJ Support】 New DDJ-800 / DDJ-1000 sets now available!

    【Home DJ Support】 New DDJ-800 / DDJ-1000 sets now available!


    Two new PCDJ controller sets are now available for DJ beginners! We selected the Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 and DDJ-1000 DJ controllers, perfect intermediate models for live performance in live houses, events, restaurants, and so on. Each set includes DJ headphones, controller case and speakers at a special price to suit your needs!

    DDJ-800 DJ headphones set
    DDJ-800 controller case + DJ headphones set
    DDJ-800 speakers set
    DDJ-800 speakers + DJ headphones set

    DDJ-1000 DJ headphones set
    DDJ-1000 controller case + DJ headphones set
    DDJ-1000 speakers set
    DDJ-1000 speakers + DJ headphones set
  • 10-times-the-points campaign will continue!

    10-times-the-points campaign will continue!


    Due to overwhelming popularity, the points campaign targeting inventory items including DTM/DAW, musical instruments, PA, and lighting equipment handled by Sound House has been extended! Get up to 10 times the usual points for in-stock items! Please use this chance to upgrade your music life.

    ■10-times-the-points campaign
    Inventory list

    ※Some products, such as special bargains, are not eligible.
  • Nagaoka releases new record cleaner, cleaning water cloth.

    Nagaoka releases new record cleaner, cleaning water cloth.


    The new WCL111 Argento WET Record Cleaner, SPW01 Clear Tone Water, and CLV30 cloths (set of 2) record cleaner products have been released by Nagaoka Trading.

    WCL111 Argento WET
    A WET record cleaner made from the long-selling Argento and special velvet. The case comes with a brush to remove dust from the cleaner and care for the velvet areas. It is also effective in removing static electricity from vinyl records and can be expected to reduce noise during playback.

    SPW01 Clear Tone Water
    A special spray type cleaning solution that has been formulated to prevent residue from remaining on vinyl records even when dried naturally.

    CLV30 record cleaning cloth
    A cleaning cloth with a custom-knit structure woven with ultra-fine fibers to achieve high water absorbency. The laser cut minimizes dust from the cloth itself, and when used as a finishing touch, it removes dirt and keeps dust off the record.



CLASSIC PRO / Alkaline Battery

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