• Memorialize your record needle.

    Memorialize your record needle.


    March 9th is “Record Needle Day”, and Nagaoka Trading's “Record Needle Memorial” will be held at ONGAKUJI in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.
    Nagaoka Trading is accepting broken and no longer necessary needles by mail, and they will be memorializing them. Three participants names will be drawn from those who send in their needle, and will receive an "AM801/2" needle tip cleaner from Nagaoka.
    Please refer to the Nagaoka Trading Official Information below.

    NAGAOKA Official WEB

    ■ Regarding Record Needle Day, Record Needle Memorial Service Once a year, Nagaoka OB offers customers from all over the country to send in their used or broken record needles on Record Needle Day, and Nagaoka will responsibly memorialize the record needles.

    In 2020, on Nagaoka's 80th anniversary, we will revive the Record Needle Memorial Service, showing our appreciation to the needles that play good sounds for us on a daily basis, educating users regarding the importance of changing needles, and encourage people to make a habit of listening to records with good sound.

    ■ Event information
    Event date: March 9, 2020 (Monday)
    Place: Music Temple (Terao, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture)
    Address: Please refer to Nagaoka Trading Official Information.

    NAGAOKA Products List
  • KORG × SEQUENZ 12-inch (LP size) record case for up to 100 LPs released!

    KORG × SEQUENZ 12-inch (LP size) record case for up to 100 LPs released!


    From SEQUENZ, which boasts a large lineup of cases with excellent functionality and design, the new RC-L (SQ), a case for 12-inch (LP size) records that can hold up to 100 LPs, is now available.
    It is made of tough 600-denier polyester fabric with thick padding and can store records, equipment and cables.
    It can be folded compactly, and it is also recommended for DJs and artists who often carry equipment from venue to venue.
    Two variations are available, a white version or black KORG locomotive design on a black background.

    SEQUENZ 「RC-L (SQ) -WH LP record storage box (logo / white)」
    SEQUENZ 「RC-L (SQ) -WH LP record storage box (logo / black)」

    Dimensions: 430(W) x 355(D) x 355(H) mm
    Internal dimensions: 400(W) x 325(D) x 330(H) mm
    Weight: 1.3 kg

    Manufacturer site Product Page
  • Pioneer DJより6ch プロフェッショナルDJミキサー『DJM-V10』2月下旬発売

    Pioneer DJより6ch プロフェッショナルDJミキサー『DJM-V10』2月下旬発売


    Pioneer DJより、DJMシリーズの最新モデルDJM-V10の製品情報が公開されました。



    『DJM-V10』は、LPF(LOW PASS FILTER)とHPF(HIGH PASS FILTER)の切り替えが可能なFILTER専用のノブを各チャンネルに搭載したことにより、確実な操作でダイナミックに音を変化させることができます。さらにSENDノブの搭載により、各チャンネルの音を本機に内蔵されたDelayやReverbなどの残響系エフェクトや、外部に接続されたエフェクターなどへ送ることで、様々なエフェクターを駆使した独創的なパフォーマンスを直感的に実現できます。
    商品名   :6ch プロフェッショナルDJミキサー
    型番    :DJM-V10
    発売時期  :2020年2月下旬見込み

    Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 6-channel professional DJ mixer: Official Introduction

    6ch プロフェッショナルDJミキサー『DJM-V10』を2月下旬発売 - News - Pioneer DJ お知らせ
  • [Exhibited at CES 2020]Audio-Technica announced new products including turntables, true wireless headphones, and more

    [Exhibited at CES 2020]Audio-Technica announced new products including turntables, true wireless headphones, and more


    Audio-Technica unveiled a number of new products at CES 2020, the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair held in Las Vegas, USA.

    A belt drive turntable with a smooth piano black wood cabinet. It has a built-in phono equalizer and comes with a special black spec Audio-Technica "VM95E" VM cartridge and a special head shell.

    The first true wireless headphones in the QUIET POINT® series. Equipped with a φ5.8mm driver with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating with excellent high-frequency characteristics in a simple, minimalist design body.
    QUIET POINT® hybrid digital noise canceling technology allows you to concentrate on the sound you want to hear even in an environment where you're surrounded by noise. In addition, it is compatible with Qualcomm® TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus *, which is resistant to sound interruptions and achieves low latency.
    * A Qualcomm® TrueWireless ™ Stereo Plus compatible smartphone is required to use this function.

    This microphone provides professional-grade high-quality sound, suitable for vocals and musical instruments for live distribution. With a strong die-cast body, in addition to a design pursuing durability and vocal clarity, feedback is prevented by unidirectionality. It comes with a detachable 5.0m cable (XLR terminal) and an adjustable stand microphone holder.

    A microphone that can be used for a variety of applications, with clear sound quality at a reasonable price. Being a unidirectional type, it also suppresses feedback. Includes a convenient talk switch that can be easily operated by hand and a 3.0m cable, making it ideal for karaoke and presentations. Versatile for a wide range of uses.

    The domestic product launch and release dates have not yet been determined.

    CES 2020: Debuting A-T’s Newest Audio Products
  • AMERICAN AUDIO UCD-100MKIII now available!

    AMERICAN AUDIO UCD-100MKIII now available!


    AMERICAN AUDIO / UCD-100MKIII, a CD player for professional use is now available! UCD-100MKIII supports not only CDs, but also USB (MP3 files).
    It has two XLR output terminals and RCA output terminals, which enable to switch BGMs smoothly.

    Speaking of functions, It equipped with continuous playback function, loop function, as well as pitch control and recording function.
    UCD-100MKIII is a multiplayer that enables not only BGM playback but also simple DJ performance.

  • Pioneer DJ「AlphaTheta株式会社」に社名変更


    DJ機器、音響機器大手のPioneer DJ株式会社は、2020年1月1日付で社名を「AlphaTheta株式会社」に変更しました。2015年にはパイオニア株式会社(カーエレクトロニクス、PC用光学ドライブの製造等)から事業分離し独立会社となりました。サービス体制や所在地、電話番号、E-Mailアドレスなどの変更はなく、DJ機器の製造・販売も継続していきます。

    Pioneer DJ公式NEWS
    Pioneer DJ製品一覧
  • The extremely popular SP404-SX sampler -- last arrival this year!

    The extremely popular SP404-SX sampler -- last arrival this year!


    The most popular compact sampler, the Roland / SP404-SX is now available. This sampler is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and was released in a limited anniversary color model in November.
    The Sampler can be used in a variety of settings, such as incorporating it into DJ and live performances, and producing sound effects for plays and events.
    You will receive an SD card with sound effects with the purchase of any sets (including the standard version). Peace of mind for musicians who want to use the SP404-SX upon purchase, or those who are beginners to sampling.

    Standard version SP404-SX with 1GB sample sound source included
    Limited anniversary version set (standard version set plus limited color removable panel)
    Sound effect SD card set with carefully selected sample collection of about 2 GB (standard version set plus SD card)
  • 【期間限定半額セール】Serato DJ Proが今だけ50% OFF!

    【期間限定半額セール】Serato DJ Proが今だけ50% OFF!


    トップレベルのシェアを誇る大人気DJソフトウェアSerato DJ Proを年末年始限定で50%オフにて販売いたします。


    Serato DJ Pro


    [SALE] Serato DJ Pro 50% off

    Serato DJ Pro対応製品
  • Pioneer DJ / Toraiz Squid 2019年ベストコントローラー ノミネート

    Pioneer DJ / Toraiz Squid 2019年ベストコントローラー ノミネート


    Pioneer DJ「TORAIZ SQUID」

    アメリカの楽器・音響マガジンMusicTech特集企画「Gear Of The Year 2019」コントローラー部門にて、Pioneer DJのマルチトラック シーケンサーToraiz Squidがノミネートされました。

    複数のモジュラーシンセやリズムマシン、DAWとも同期可能な拡張性も優れたマルチトラック シーケンサーです。

    MusicTech Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squidレビュー
    MusicTech “Gear Of The Year 2019”
    TORAIZ “SQUID” Official Walkthrough – The new multitrack sequencer
  • 初回入荷限定!Pioneer DJコントローラーXDJ-XZ USBメモリープレゼントキャンペーン開催!

    初回入荷限定!Pioneer DJコントローラーXDJ-XZ USBメモリープレゼントキャンペーン開催!


    プロフェッショナルなDJ演奏環境を提供する、オールインワンDJシステム XDJ-XZを発売いたします。
    発売を記念いたしまして、初回入荷台数限定でPioneer DJのロゴ入りオリジナルUSBをプレゼントいたします。数量限定のキャンペーンとなります。開催状況や詳細の確認は弊社までお問い合わせください。

    Pioneer DJ「XDJ-XZ」
    ミキサー部分には、クラブスタンダードモデル「DJM-900NXS2」の機能性、サウンドを忠実に継承し、同種類のSOUND COLOR FX、BEAT FX、オールインワンタイプ初のX-PADを搭載。

    また、会場の音場環境にあわせて出力音の特性を調整できるMASTER EQ、ハウリングを抑制するFEEDBACK REDUCER機能、各マイク独立3 BAND EQを搭載。別途PAミキサーを用意することなく、XDJ-XZのみでマイク調整や音響調整が可能です。



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