• AMERICAN DJ / Hydro Wash X19 moving head now available!

    AMERICAN DJ / Hydro Wash X19 moving head now available!


    AMERICAN DJ 「Hydro Wash X19」

    We are now handling the AMERICAN DJ / Hydro Wash X19 wash-type moving head. Equipped with 19 Osram 40W RGBW (4-IN-1) LEDs, the beam angle can be smoothly changed from 6 degrees to 40 degrees using the motorized zoom function. In addition, its robust structure and IP65-compliant dust and drip proof compliance allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors. A moving head that resists a sudden rain or dust storm, and is ideal for lighting at festivals and outdoor events.
  • 3 popular UDG record bag models in stock!

    3 popular UDG record bag models in stock!


    UDG "U8443BL CDJ / DJM / DJ controller case"
    UDG "U9981BL Record bag with casters"
    UDG "U8007BL Creator Wheel Laptop Backpack"

    A new line-up of record/equipment cases are now available from UDG, a manufacturer whose products are loved by musicians and DJs around the world!
    Sophisticated, ergonomic designs, waterproof specs and plenty of storage space perfect not only for DJs who frequently move from venue to venue, but also for transporting equipment for live shows, traveling, and business as well.

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  • 『とんかつDJアゲ太郎』ついに実写映画化!出演キャスト発表



    The release date of the "Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro" live-action movie, based on the popular serial comic Shueisha's "Shonen Jump +", has been announced as June 19, 2020.
    The director will be Ken Ninomiya, who took up the director's megaphone for the movie "Chihuahua-chan", and is attracting much attention in the Japanese movie industry. We can expect a good production from the star-studded cast!

    ■ Characters & cast introduction
    Agetaro Katsumata [Agetaro] (Takumi Kitamura):
    The third generation son of the owner of Shibukatsu, a tonkatsu restaurant in Shibuya.

    Sonoko Hattori (Maika Yamamoto):
    Under apprenticeship at a stylist's shop in front of Maruyama Ryokan.

    Kurashito Yashiki (Kentaro Ito):
    An up-and-coming DJ with a following called the “mansion generation”.

    Iori Oiri [DJ Oily] (Yusuke Iseya):
    Although he has a reputation for his abilities, he is a mid-level DJ with a sloppy personality who lives in poverty.

    ■ Story
    The story is set in Shibukatsu, a long-established tonkatsu restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. The protagonist, Agetaro Katsumata, is the third-generation son of owner of Shibukatsu, and spends every day shredding cabbage under his father, Yosaku. One day, he goes to a club in Shibuya, one he's never been to, to deliver lunch. He experiences a huge sense of excitement from the dance floor and the music!! Agetaro decides his new goal is to be "Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro", a man who can hold his own in both Tonkatsu and on the floor!

    Official WEB

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  • 全商品12%ポイント還元!大ポイント祭開催!!



    サウンドハウスが取扱うDTM・DAW、楽器、PA、照明機器など、全ての商品を対象とした【大ポイント祭 全商品ポイント12倍】クーポンを配布中!期間中は全ての商品がクーポン利用でポイント12倍。キャンペーン期間は1月31日(金)まで。3日限りの大還元祭!この機会をお見逃しなく!

    ■大ポイント祭 全商品ポイント12倍
    ■クーポン番号: 6187
  • Memorialize your record needle.

    Memorialize your record needle.


    March 9th is “Record Needle Day”, and Nagaoka Trading's “Record Needle Memorial” will be held at ONGAKUJI in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.
    Nagaoka Trading is accepting broken and no longer necessary needles by mail, and they will be memorializing them. Three participants names will be drawn from those who send in their needle, and will receive an "AM801/2" needle tip cleaner from Nagaoka.
    Please refer to the Nagaoka Trading Official Information below.

    NAGAOKA Official WEB

    ■ Regarding Record Needle Day, Record Needle Memorial Service Once a year, Nagaoka OB offers customers from all over the country to send in their used or broken record needles on Record Needle Day, and Nagaoka will responsibly memorialize the record needles.

    In 2020, on Nagaoka's 80th anniversary, we will revive the Record Needle Memorial Service, showing our appreciation to the needles that play good sounds for us on a daily basis, educating users regarding the importance of changing needles, and encourage people to make a habit of listening to records with good sound.

    ■ Event information
    Event date: March 9, 2020 (Monday)
    Place: Music Temple (Terao, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture)
    Address: Please refer to Nagaoka Trading Official Information.

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  • System Maintenance Notice


    Dear customers

    Thank you for using Sound House.
    We will be performing routine system maintenance as follows.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

    ■ System maintenance ■
    Service down time details:
    The website will be down for approximately 3 hours.
    Jan 31, 2020 2:00-5:00
  • KORG VPT-1 vocal tuner now available!

    KORG VPT-1 vocal tuner now available!


    KORG 「VPT-1」

    KORG has released new VPT-1 Vocal Pitch Trainer! The staff notation display and the LEDs that indicate the pitch allow you to visually check the pitch of voice. Exactness of tuning can be selected between three stages. How about getting a tuner for not only musical instruments, but also for your vocal?
  • PEARL / TP-6NU urethane training pad released !!

    PEARL / TP-6NU urethane training pad released !!


    PEARL 「TP-6NU」

    The PEARL/TP-6NU, a training pad made of urethane material with excellent vibration proof properties, is now available! Based on the design of the long-selling TP-6N (soft rubber material) training pad, which is used in homes, schools, music classes, and so on, the new striking surface is made of two-layer urethane. Excellent anti-vibration & silent performance has been achieved. The stand is included like the TP-6N. The height can be adjusted up to a maximum of 900mm to support playing standing up. The stand can be folded, making it easy to carry. The feel is similar to a low pitch floor tom, and is perfect for practicing precise finger control.
  • Announcing two new convenient One Control accessories

    Announcing two new convenient One Control accessories


    One Control「DC Porter Nano」
    One Control「Waterproof Bag for BJF-S」

    Two new convenient accessories, the DC Porter Nano and the Waterproof Bag for BJF-S, were announced by One Control. First, the DC Porter Nano, a revolutionary item, is a simple power supply for effectors that can convert USB power to a standard center minus DC 9V power supply. Power can be supplied to the effector using a smartphone power adapter which most musicians today own. It can also be used with an emergency power supply when combined with a mobile charger. The second item, the Waterproof Bag for the BJF-S, is a convenient waterproof bag for carrying accessories such as ONE CONTROL amp heads, effectors, and pedals. The excellent design makes it is recommendable for everyday use as well, not just for carrying an amplifier.
  • PA popular brand 10% points coupon !!

    PA popular brand 10% points coupon !!


    A 10% points coupon is being offered for products from popular PA brands! Not only CLASSIC PRO, which offers a large lineup of products that focus on high quality at low prices, but also famous brands such as JBL, QSC and Electro-Voice, whose products can be found at live shows and events around the world are also included. ♪ This is a very special coupon available for a limited time only, so please consider this opportunity.

    ■ Period: Until Sunday, February 2, 2020
    ■ Coupon code: [5302]
    ■ Target brands:
    Classic Pro
    Aspen Pittman Designs



CLASSIC PRO / Alkaline Battery

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