• Austrian Audio's 5th Anniversary Sale in Japan!

    Austrian Audio's 5th Anniversary Sale in Japan!


    Austrian Audio product list

    In celebration of their 5th anniversary in Japan, Austrian Audio is offering significant discounts on popular products such as condenser microphones and monitor headphones. Great deals include the large-diaphragm condenser mic "OC16" and the open-back monitor headphones "Hi-X65". The campaign lasts until September 20, 2024, and nearly all items, except some accessories, are included. Take advantage of this opportunity!
  • AMPEG announces the release of information for the "Venture" cabinet "VB-88"!

    AMPEG announces the release of information for the


    Cabinet Covers
    Gig bag for amp head

    From AMPEG, information has been released on the new model "VB-88" from the classic cabinet "Venture Series"!
    Positioned as the flagship model, the VB-88 maintains the unique design, response, and sound performance of the highly acclaimed SVT-810E, a traditional bass cabinet, achieves a more compact and modern sound. It also features eight 8" lightweight custom-voiced Lavoce neodymium woofers (total allowable input of 800W) and high-frequency drivers. Weighing less than half of the conventional "SVT-810E" (29.5 kg), it is easy to carry.
    The VB-88 and all other models in the "Venture Series" are now available in bags and covers, including a durable 600-denier waterproof tarpaulin Carry bag for the V3 and other amp heads, and a stylishly designed, size-matched cover for the cabinet. The cabinet also has a cover made of the same material, stylishly designed to match its size. Please consider these products as well.
  • Various Gibson electric guitars in stock!

    Various Gibson electric guitars in stock!


    GIBSON / electric guitars

    From the highly coveted top guitar brand Gibson, much-awaited models such as Les Paul, SG, Flying V, and ES-339 have arrived in stock!

    The Les Paul Standard is a custom-colored, lacquered Les Paul that follows the specifications of the golden era of the 50s and 60s. The SG, loved by many legends and comparable to the Les Paul, is now available in a classic design reminiscent of the late 60s. Fans should also not miss the signature models of Kirk Hammett and Dave Mustaine!
  • 「MODS MAYDAY JAPAN 2024」5月18日に開催!

    「MODS MAYDAY JAPAN 2024」5月18日に開催!



    そんなクールなユース・カルチャーは70年代後半からここ日本においても『さらば青春の光』の公開やザ・ジャムの初来日を機に少しずつ動き出し、1981年には東京でモッズ・シーンに向けた大きなイベント「MODS MAYDAY」が開催されました。以後定期的に行われているこのパーティーでは、東京スカ・パラダイス・オーケストラ、I-SPY、ザ・コレクターズ、THE SCOOTERS、ザ・ヘアなどの多くのバンド、オーガナイザーであるManabu K.Doveをはじめとする多くのDJ達による名演を残しながらほぼ毎年開催され、今年も来る5月18日には「MODS MAYDAY JAPAN 2024」が開催されます。日本最初の本格的なスカバンドとしてイギリスやジャマイカのアーティストからも高い評価を得ているThe SKA FLAMESをはじめとするシーン最前線で活躍するさまざまなバンドのライブ、大貫憲章を筆頭に長年フロアを沸かしながらシーンを牽引し続けているDJ陣による他でなかなか聴けない最強にヒップなキラーナンバーが続くプレイといった、豪華な内容に圧倒される夜となる今年のMODS MAYDAY。普段からモッズ・シーンのイベントに通う人々のみならず、全UKカルチャー好き必見のイベントといえるでしょう。


    時間:OPEN/START 13時 / CLOSE 23時
    場所: The Top Beat Club


    ◆DJ;Arai((5-4-3-2-1)、稲葉達哉、USHIJIMA (NIGHT FOX CLUB)、大貫憲章、加藤直樹、黒田マナブ “Manabu K.Dove”、川野正雄(L.P.Records/Le Cercle Rouge)、KING NABE(CLUB SKA)、佐藤志朗(FACING FACTS)、Jagabe、Jimmy Mashiko、末續哲玄(s.t.g.)、関口弘(FRATHOP Records/ Shakin')、Daddy-O-Nov (Back From The Grave, Radio Underground)、TSUYOSHI HIRANO (DOWNTOWN SOULVILLE)、福田俊介、藤井悟(CARIBBEAN DANDY)、堀井康、MAKI、Maru (Modern Records)、松岡徹

    ◆MODS MAYDAY JAPAN 2024 Special Program“Cross Talk”
    Cross Talk Session “Cinema”:Masao Kawano (L.P.Records / Le Cercle Rouge)、MIKI(Jewel Trash)、Carole ai (Jenny,Jenny)
    Cross Talk Session “Men’s Fashion”KAZU :gotoda(Ready Steady Go)、Hiroshi Yamashita (WWRB)、Keiichiro

    Sound NAVIからもイベントをチェック
  • VIC FIRTH releases the Essential Stick Bag VIC-VXSB!

    VIC FIRTH releases the Essential Stick Bag VIC-VXSB!


    VIC FIRTH introduces the new VIC-VXSB essential stick bag!
    The VIC-VXSB is a compact and easy-to-carry stick bag, incorporating all the elements drummers are looking for. It holds up to 4 to 5 pairs of sticks, tuning key and other accessories. It also comes with a hook for attaching to a floor tom with adjustable length, which can be used when you need to quickly change sticks while playing. Please don't miss this chance and consider purchasing one.

    Release date: May 2, 2024
    *We will arrange for shipment to arrive on the release date in the order in which orders are received.
    *It may take some time before delivery depending on the number of items in stock and the timing of your order.

  • Tony Iommi Signature Strings Released by La Bella!

    Tony Iommi Signature Strings Released by La Bella!


    La Bella released signature strings for the legendary metal guitarist Tony Iommi!
    Two types of string sets are available; The TI8-32 with D# standard tuning (D#, A#, F#, C#, G#, D#) and the TI9-42 with C# standard tuning (C#, G#, E, B, F#, C#). These are custom gauges that match his unique playing style and allow to play heavy riffs. Both sets provide excellent playing comfort without spoiling tones by down-tuning thinner strings. In addition to the brightness of nickel wound strings, carbon hexagonal cores are used for stable tuning and longevity of strings. These two string sets dispel the stereotype of light-gauge strings, which is "hard to play", and are ideal for hard rock/heavy metal players.

    TI832 Tony Iommi D# Tuning 8-32
    TI942 Tony Iommi C# Tuning 9-42
  • BEHRINGERオーディオインターフェイス+Cubase 初心者セット登場!

    BEHRINGERオーディオインターフェイス+Cubase 初心者セット登場!



    UM2 + Cubase Elements + CPH7000セット
    UM2 + Cubase Elements + CPH7000 + SWINGセット
    UMC22 + Cubase Elements + CPH7000セット
    UMC22 + Cubase Elements + CPH7000 + SWINGセット
  • DADDARIO商品10%ポイントUPクーポン!




    ■ DADDARIO ポイントUPクーポン
    ■ 期間:2024年5月31日(金)まで
    ■ クーポンコード: [873475]
    ■ 対象商品: DADDARIO 全商品
  • YAMAHA's wood-grained recorder has undergone a model change!

    YAMAHA's wood-grained recorder has undergone a model change!


    YAMAHA's long-selling wood-grain recorder has undergone a model change!
    A more natural wood grain film has been adopted, and the logo foil has been given a matte finish that complements the wood grain, giving it a luxurious feel. The case has also been redesigned to show the wood grain more vividly. The new case is available in rosewood or ebony. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

    Release date: April 26, 2024 (Friday)

    YRS-321 Soprano Recorder (German Style)
    YRS-322B Soprano Recorder (Baroque Style)

    YRS-323 Soprano Recorder (German Style)
    YRS-324B Soprano Recorder (Baroque Style)

    YRA-322B Alto Recorder (Baroque Style)
    YRA-324B Alto Recorder (Baroque Style)

    YRSA-322B Soprano-Alto Set (Baroque Style)
    YRSA-324B Soprano-Alto Set (Baroque Style)
  • 【1st Anniversary Debut】Sound House Official VTuber "Amanofu Stella" Special Page Opened!

    【1st Anniversary Debut】Sound House Official VTuber


    Amanofu Stella, the VTuber officially recognized by Sound House, celebrated her first anniversary debut on April 20th! In commemoration, Sound House has launched a special page dedicated to Amanofu Stella. Expect further collaborations, such as special projects and product reviews!

    The page also features announcement videos for limited-edition releases of premium sake, "Sound House" and "Tazugane." And guess who's the godparent? Amanofu Stella...!?

    Amanofu Stella Special Page
    Amanofu Stella @ Sound House Official VTuber - YouTube
    Amanofu Stella @ Sound House Official VTuber - X



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