• JBL releases "TOUR PRO + TWS", a true wireless earphone equipped with a noise canceling function.

    JBL releases


    JBL has released "TOUR PRO + TWS", a true wireless earphone equipped with a hybrid noise canceling function.
    By incorporating a new design that effectively reduces noise, especially in the frequency bands where excess noise exists, we have achieved high-quality silence and high-quality JBL sound in a variety of situations, such as in trains and cafes. The driver unit uses a 6.8 mm diameter diaphragm made of cellulose nanofiber material. You can enjoy a clear and well-balanced sound from low to high frequencies by taking advantage of its excellent rigidity. Two types of external sound capturing functions allow you to listen to ambient sounds for as long as you need, or to talk with others while wearing the earphones. It also has waterproof performance equivalent to IPX5, so you can use it without worrying about rain or sweat.

  • Studio One DAW Software special-page renewal!

    Studio One DAW Software special-page renewal!


    Studio One DAW software with a stylish appearance created by a talented German programmer. The Sound House special page has been redesigned to include more information about the free version of Studio One Prime! Studio One Prime is a full-fledged free DAW software that can be used as a reference for those who are new to DAWs or who are thinking of purchasing a paid version. You can find the detailed information on how to install the software with images! In addition, a special feature page compares the functions of Studio One's three grades: Professional, Artist, and Prime. Please take a look!

    PRESONUS / Studio One special-page
  • Get'm Get'm Straps Now Available!

    Get'm Get'm Straps Now Available!


    Get'm Get'm Straps, highly fashionable guitar / bass straps, are now available! The unique design is loved by many professional musicians all over the world, both domestically and internationally. It features double structure with nylon fabric sewn on strap. Each strap is carefully handmade at a factory in Los Angeles, USA, achieving outstanding durability and reliability. Please try them out!

    GET'M GET'M STRAPS item list
  • Limited Time Only! Popular AKG Products 5% OFF Coupon

    Limited Time Only! Popular AKG Products 5% OFF Coupon


    Use coupon to save 5% on products from AKG, the world's leading brand of professional microphones and monitor headphones! A chance to buy popular products such as the standard condenser microphone "C414 series" and the long-selling open-type monitor headphones "K240 Studio" at a great price! The campaign period ends on October 14. Don't miss this opportunity!

    ■ Period: Until Thursday, October 14, 2021
    ■ Coupon code: 8617
    ■ Target brand: AKG "Product list"
  • Wireless earphone IE100PRO Wireless released by SENNHEISER

    Wireless earphone IE100PRO Wireless released by SENNHEISER


    SENNHEISER IE100PRO Wireless

    SENNHEISER will release the popular monitor earphone IE100 PRO wireless model "IE100PRO Wireless".
    The IE100PRO, developed for accurate sound discrimination in music production and live performance, comes with a dedicated Bluetooth connector. The microphone allows you to make calls, adjust volume, and play/stop songs while wearing it. With aptX LL codec support, you can enjoy music and video with professional quality sound without any delay.
    Uses the same connector as the higher-end IE400PRO and IE500PRO models, and includes a special detachable audio cable. Available in three colors: black, clear, and red.
  • YAMAHA Tenor Venova YVS-140 on sale!

    YAMAHA Tenor Venova YVS-140 on sale!


    YAMAHA / YVS-140 Tenor Venova

    The Tenor Venova YVS-140, a new addition to the popular Venova line of casual wind instruments, is now available! The larger mouthpiece makes it easier to control the sound and improves playing stability! A compact soft case that can be disassembled to hold the instrument, making it easier to carry around..

    A special Venova offer available only at Sound House!
    Forestone Resin Reed Traditional
    A washable resin reed. The polypropylene is blended with approximately 50% Japanese bamboo fiber to provide a tone and elasticity similar to natural reed reeds while maintaining stability.

    Forestone Mouthpiece Patch
    Convenient to have! A mouthpiece patch is included!
    The mouthpiece patch is practical for protecting the mouthpiece and holding the instrument in place.
    The glue less technology of this patch does not leave marks on the mouthpiece and can be reapplied.

    ■Release date: October 8, 2021 (Fri.)
  • HiFuture 正規輸入代理店業務を開始

    HiFuture 正規輸入代理店業務を開始



    HiFutureは最新の音響テクノロジーを取り入れ、価格からは想像できない多彩な機能を備えたオーディオ製品を開発しています。アクティブ・ノイズキャンセリング機能を搭載した「TrueAir ANC」や、ゲームプレイ時の使用に最適な低遅延モード搭載の「Radge」など、高性能なワイヤレスイヤホンを低価格で実現。どこでも高音質で音楽を楽しめるBluetoothスピーカー「Sound Mini」は、自宅での使用はもちろん、IPX4相当の防水性能も備え、キャンプやアウトドアなど屋外での使用にもおすすめ。さらに内蔵マイクを備えているため、ZoomやMicrosoft teams等によるオンライン会議でも、気軽にスピーカーフォンとして使用することが可能です。

    HiFuture は、2016年に中国の深圳で設立されたオーディオ機器やスマートウェアラブルを扱うブランド。ワイヤレスイヤホンやスマートウォッチなど、スタイリッシュで優れた品質の製品を幅広くラインナップしています。

    HiFuture 商品一覧
  • YAMAHA CD-S303RK CD player is now available!

    YAMAHA CD-S303RK CD player is now available!


    YAMAHA / CD-S303RK

    New stylish CD player YAMAHA CD-S303RK from YAMAHA! Pure Direct function and Burr-Brown high-precision DAC supporting 192kHz/24-bit ensure high quality analog output. In terms of functionality, in addition to playing CDs and CD-R / RWs, it also supports playing MP3, WMA, LPCM, AAC, and FLAC files saved on USB memory. It is equipped with CD-TEXT display, a function "play mode memory" that retains the playback mode when the power is turned off, and a "ready mode" that pauses BGM playback after each song. CD-S303RK is ideal for store equipment and events.
  • 月末限定!全商品ポイントアップクーポン!




    ■クーポン番号: 9126
  • PLAYTECH Tenor Bass Trombone with Rose Brass Bell!

    PLAYTECH Tenor Bass Trombone with Rose Brass Bell!


    PLAYTECH, Sound House's own brand that boasts shocking cost performance, has introduced a tenor bass trombone with a rose brass bell. The bell is made of rose brass, which has a thick and deep tone and the main tube is a reverse tube with low resistance and a smooth blowing feel! Large shank mouthpieces made by other companies can also be used. Try the PLAYTECH Tenor Bass Trombone for the best price and quality!




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