• Coupon for up to 5% OFF SKB products!

    Coupon for up to 5% OFF SKB products!


    We are offering a coupon for up to 5% OFF SKB products, which boasts a wide lineup of durable, dust-proof-and-waterproof equipment cases, instrument cases, rack cases! All in-stock SKB products are eligible! Don't miss this opportunity!

    ■ Period: Until Thursday, July 9, 2020
    ■ Coupon Code: [7375]
    ■ Target Brand SKB

    * Items not in stock are excluded.
  • HARTKE's new LX Series bass amp head now available!

    HARTKE's new LX Series bass amp head now available!



    Featured products, LX8500 and LX5500, which made their debut at Winter NAMM 2020 and attracted a lot of attention, have finally arrived! The LX8500 boasts a large 800W of output and the LX5500 has a high output of 500W, but each weighs less than 4kg and is equipped with a class A tube preamplifier. Equipped with headphones out, they can also be used for home practice! They are strongly recommended head amplifier for their improved usability and maintaining the quality of HARTKE amplifiers to date!

    Official YouTube link
    HARTKE Products
  • We just received the BADASS BASS II bass bridge!

    We just received the BADASS BASS II bass bridge!


    ALLPARTS 「BADASS II Chrome BB-0335-010」

    Highly coveted by bassists around the world as a replacement for the FENDER bass bridge, the BADASS BASS II is now in stock. It provides a clear attack and long sustain. It is relatively heavy, weighing in at about 258g, the saddle thread is 1.27mm hex type, and the distance between the mounting screws is 0.7" (17.8 mm). The saddle, which has no string grooves, allows you to adjust the height and string position to suit your instrument. The BADASS bridge transmits string vibrations to the body reliably, improving the contour and continuity of the sound and sustain. Why not take this opportunity to replace your bridge?
  • Bass Strings Super Special Coupon!

    Bass Strings Super Special Coupon!


    We're offering a special coupon for all bass strings that Sound House carries and are currently in stock! During this period, you can use the coupon to get up to 5% off the list price of the eligible items! Get over the humid rainy season with a fresh set of strings!
    Now you can save up to 10x points on in-stock items, plus super savings with the Paypay Jumbo campaign! ! Don't miss this opportunity!

    ■Up to 5% off bass strings coupon
    List of eligible products
    ※If the product is not in stock, it is not eligible.
    ■Period:Wednesday, June 17, 2020 to Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 11:59pm
    ■Coupon code: [1144]
  • Gruv Gear / Kapsule cutting-edge travel case for guitar & bass!

    Gruv Gear / Kapsule cutting-edge travel case for guitar & bass!


    Gruv Gear 「Kapsule series」

    Gruv Gear is back with the Kapsule series of cutting-edge travel cases for guitar & bass that will revolutionize the way musicians carry instruments. Developed to combine the advantages of both hard cases and soft cases for musical instruments. Lightweight expanded polystyrene is used providing excellent protection and heat insulating properties. Large storage space for equipment, accessories, and even a change of clothes. Detachable wheels and backpack style straps are included, so you can carry it in your hand or on your back, or pull it behind you like a carry-on bag. Guitar and bass cases that are ideal for modern musicians who travel the world with their musical instruments.
  • OwlMighty II bass preamp from Vivie now available!

    OwlMighty II bass preamp from Vivie now available!


    Vivie, one of the most powerful effector pedal manufacturers in Japan, announces the release of the new Owlmighty II bass preamp. The new OwlMighty II features upgraded EQ, COMP and DRIVE sections. The EQ section provides richer sound quality while retaining the original character of the instrument. The COMP section has been reworked to deliver natural compression with a single knob. Finally, the DRIVE section delivers a high quality overdrive & detailed distortion that goes beyond that of a 2-in-1 distortion pedal. If this is your first preamp purchase, or if you're looking to replace your current unit, this is a great choice!

    Release date: Tuesday, June 30

  • D'Addario official direct partnership established

    D'Addario official direct partnership established


    Sound House is now an official direct partner with D'Addario, the well-known manufacturer of strings and accessories for guitars, basses and other musical instruments. D'Addario is known for introducing the industry's first automatic string winding machine, and for developing round wound strings and acoustic guitar strings using 80/20 bronze material. Over the years, the classic XL NICKEL series has become a global standard favored by guitarists and bassists around the world. In 2014, D'Addario announced the new NYXL series of electric guitar strings, which uses a new material, and in 2019 they released the XT series, which greatly improved pitch stability and string durability. Despite having been established in Italy about 400 years ago, even today, D'Addario is still a leading string manufacturer that keeps growing as a result of their constant search for innovation.

  • Timing of point reception will be changed.

    Timing of point reception will be changed.


    Thank you for using Soundhouse.
    The timing of point reception will be changed to 14 days after the shipping date. This will be effective from the shipments made on Tuesday, June 2.
    For details, please refer to the "User Guide" below.

    User's Guide About Points

    Thank you for your understating and continuous support.
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    平日 10:00 ~ 17:00
    土曜 12:00 ~ 17:00


  • Ohtsuka Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd. Pragure Series now available!

    Ohtsuka Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd. Pragure Series now available!


    Ohtsuka Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd「Pragure Series」

    Ohtsuka Brush Mfg. Co., Ltd. Pragure Series now available. The firmness and consistency make it ideal for high-viscosity paints such as micro-elastic paints and refractory paints.
    Plus, it's perfect for cleaning gaps in guitars and bass pickups, computer keyboards, and all sorts of other small areas!



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