• Live Streaming of music festival

    Live Streaming of music festival


    Music festival "HANAMIZUKI AKINO OTO FES2021" will be held on December 19th with Live Streaming(free of charge).Let's enjoy the hot live performances by artists associated with Tokushima prefecture.

    [Performing artist]
    Inoue Akimi Laugh TONiC Minami Family Band with Narusekun Coty Blend Shugoro & Kosuke

    Sunday, December 19, 2021 14: 00-17: 10 Live streaming (free)
    Program name: "HANAMIZUKI AKINO OTO FES2021"
    * You can enjoy the program through your computer or smartphone.
    Live streaming: Internet radio station "Radio Balloon"

    Organizer: Flowering Hanamizuki association
    Grant: Tokushima Prefecture Awa Culture Creation Support
  • 毎日1つ何かが当たる!アドベントカレンダー2021






  • The inform of the schedule of Sound House Hall

    The inform of the schedule of Sound House Hall


    "Sound House Hall" in Komatsushima-shi, Tokushima Prefecture, which has been in operation since April 16 with the introduction of the naming rights system.
    Music concerts and movie screenings are held daily in the hall, which has a total of 320 seats. Please check it out when you come to Komatsushima. Click here for the event schedule.
    Naming rights "Sound House Hall"

    (Naming right contract:April 16, 2021~March 31, 2024
  • Sony releases limited quantity of wireless headphones WH-1000XM LM Midnight Blue

    Sony releases limited quantity of wireless headphones WH-1000XM LM Midnight Blue


    SONY / WH-1000XM4

    The SONY / WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones equipped with a high-performance noise canceling function are now available in a limited quantity and limited-time color "Midnight Blue". The deep blue coloring, which is also suitable for business scenes, creates a sense of quality that goes well with suits and accessories. In addition to the industry's highest class noise canceling performance, AI technology is used to achieve clear sound equivalent to high resolution, and various smart functions that optimize the music experience are incorporated.
  • DJ headphones NUMARK

    DJ headphones NUMARK


    NUMARK / HF175

    The "HF175" closed back headphones, which are ideal for listening and monitoring during music production, including DJ applications, are now on sale! A leather headband and soft leather ear pads are used to maintain a comfortable fit even when used for a long time. Lightweight, compact and highly portable, it is ideal not only for home use but also for commuting to school. It is especially recommended for DJ applications because it has a one-sided cable that has a good reputation for ease of use and the housing part can rotate 180 °.
  • PEARLキックペダル「P-2050C/F」ご購入でギグバッグをプレゼント!



    PEARL / P-2050C/F
    Pearl Elinimator REDLINE ”L.T.” セッティング&バッグ収納 ガイドMovie

    「P-2050C/F」は、ロングセラーモデル“ELIMINATOR REDLINE”を折りたたみ可能にしたキックペダルです。小型・軽量化を実現し、持ち運びが便利になりました。今回プレゼントするギグバッグは「P-2050C/F」とドラムスティックをまとめて収納可能! ドラマーはぜひ手に入れたいセットです。先着順・数量限定なのでお早めにご検討ください!
  • EARTHWORKS USB microphone "ICON" limited special price!

    EARTHWORKS USB microphone



    USB microphone EARTHWORKS "ICON" capable of authentic studio quality recording is on sale at a limited quantity special price! A high-quality USB microphone that can be used simply by connecting it to a computer without the need for an audio interface. EARTHWORKS's original technology reduces noise other than the targeted sound and realizes a clear and transparent sound. There is no doubt that the sophisticated and beautiful design will be sure to look great even in live distribution! Don't miss this chance!
  • New



    The PVN500 series is a new addition to the PLAYTECH brand of violins, which are delivered at a shocking price. This violin set uses spruce for the faceplate and ebony for the fingerboard. The lineup also includes fractional violins for children. There are two fractional sizes available, 1/2 and 3/4.
    All models come with a bow, shoulder strap, pine resin, tuner, and case, all of which are necessary to start playing the violin. All models come with a bow, shoulder strap, pine resin, tuner, and case. Our professional staff will inspect and adjust the violin before shipping, and we also provide a 3-year warranty.

    Violins are used in a variety of musical genres, including classical music. It is recommended not only for those who are just starting out with stringed instruments, but also for ensembles with other instruments. We hope you will take this opportunity to purchase one.

    PLAYTECH / PVN544 Outfit violin set 4/4
    PLAYTECH / PVN534 Outfit violin set 3/4
    PLAYTECH / PVN512 Outfit violin set 1/2
  • Get'm Get'm Straps Christmas Gift Campaign!

    Get'm Get'm Straps Christmas Gift Campaign!


    GET'M GET'M STRAPS item list

    Get'm Get'm Straps Christmas gift campaign is being held!
    Post a photo of your guitar / bass strap on Twitter with the hashtag "#getmgetmプレゼント", and 3 lucky people will receive a Get'm Get'm Strap free of charge!!
    This is your chance to get the unique and high-quality Get'm Get'm Strap, which is loved by famous musicians all over the world! We look forward to your applications!

    ■ Application requirements:
    Posting period: November 26, 2021 to December 19, 2021
    Qualifications: Those who have an account at Sound House
    * 3 winners will be announced when prizes are shipped.
    * It may take some time before the prize is shipped.

    ■ Present products
    You will receive 1 of the below items.
    * Products cannot be specified.
    Chrome Earth
    Mirror Reflective Fuschia
    Aussie Gator Bubble Pink
  • スマホ用マイクの決定版 MKE 200 Mobile Kit期間限定セール!

    スマホ用マイクの決定版 MKE 200 Mobile Kit期間限定セール!


    SENNHEISER / MKE 200 Mobile Kit

    SENNHEISER / MKE 200 Mobile Kitを期間限定特価で販売中です。
    MKE200 Mobile Kitはスマートフォンへ直接接続可能な外付用コンデンサーマイクと、スマートフォンをマウントするクランプ、マンフロット製PIXIミニ三脚が同梱されたセット。届いたその日から本格的な録音が可能です。明瞭で被りの少ないサウンドを特徴としており、室内はもちろん野外での収音にも対応。クリエーターの毎日の制作活動に最適なマイクセットです。




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