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DJing is now one of the most popular new hobbies that anyone can start, and the big anime hit with the DJ theme and the appearance of DJ apps for smartphones and tablets is the proof. There is a YouTube channel with videos that explain how to DJ, and there are DJ schools alongside dance schools in the city, so I feel that it is getting easier and easier to start DJing!

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This time, I will introduce the most popular PCDJ controller products that are popular as a carry-on machines for beginner DJs in a ranking format!

What is a PCDJ controller?

What is a PCDJ controller in the first place?
Until now, DJs used to use analog records and CD media to DJ. As the name implies, PCDJ allows you to play music data from a computer and play it like a DJ. A PCDJ controller is a dedicated controller for connecting to a computer and operating DJ software.

【Thorough comparison】 How to choose DJ software!

The word "DJ software" has appeared recently, and here you can manage songs, record markers on songs in advance, and in some cases record your own DJ performance.

It is software that allows you to use all of the functions you need to DJ.
【DJ introductory course How to choose DJ software for your computer】

Popularity Rankings for PCDJ Controllers - 5 Recommendations

#5NUMARK / DJ2GO2 Touch

A 2ch PCDJ controller that is compatible with Serato DJ Lite. Since it is available for less than 10,000 yen, it is a popular model for DJ beginners, as well as for DJ experts who are looking for a sub-machine for practice. The attraction is the lightweight, compact body! With a width of only about 31.4 cm, it fits comfortably in your bag. Despite the compact size, each deck is equipped with 4 PADs, tempo sliders, platters, and other functions required for DJing. Personally, I find it very convenient for when I want to hit a CUE (mark a song) while on the move or before a performance.

#4Native Instruments / TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3

A 4ch PCDJ controller that is compatible with TRAKTOR PRO 3. The TRAKTOR KONTROL series features powerful effects. Any effect can be assigned to the "FX SELECT" button located in the center of the controller. This is recommended for those who aim to play EDM and big room, creating dynamic drops, and expanding the MIX. With the deck switching button on the upper left of each deck, you can play up to 4 songs at the same time. This will bring a smile even during those long mixes.

#3Pioneer DJ / DDJ-SB3

A 4ch PCDJ controller that is compatible with Serato DJ Lite. This is popular not only for beginners, but also for those who have been DJing using analog records and SCRATCH LIVE, as well as those who want to start PCDJ as well. Notable features include a number of functions that allow you to listen to the MIX! Equipped with a function that automatically makes a scratch sound by using the "PAD SCRATCH" button at the bottom of the JOG. Eight types of scratches, including the Baby Scratch, can be produced according to the BPM, and it's surprising to learn that the scratches belong to hip-hop leader DJ Jazzy Jeff. In terms of design, the tempo fader is placed in the back, and the layout makes scratching easy. Compared to the "DDJ-400" controller in the same price range, the eight PAD buttons on each deck are one size larger and easier to operate dynamically. Furthermore, if you use the "FX FADE" function, you can reproduce a smooth fade-out with a combination of filters and volume according to the beat count, such as 2 beats / 4 beats, or a dynamic backspin with the touch of a button!

#2Pioneer DJ / DDJ-FLX6

A 4ch PCDJ controller that is compatible with both rekordbox & Serato DJ Pro software. Each deck is equipped with a large JOG of the same size as the jog on the CDJ-3000, enabling dynamic scratching! The new "JOG CUTTER" function is recommended for DJs who've never scratched. To use it, just turn on the button and move the jog back and forth to control 6 types of scratch sounds. Some practice is required to produce the scratch sound you’re aiming for, but when you master it, it will inevitably become a powerful weapon. There is no need to keep holding the crossfader like in conventional scratch play, and you can scratch while operating the FX filter and sampler PAD with your other hand.
With the "MERGE FX" knob mounted on the far right of each deck, dynamic effects operations that are different from COLLER FX and BEAT FX are also possible! The effect types can be set in detail on your computer screen. I was surprised that more than 9,000 effects patterns can be created depending on the settings. I think it is practical to create an effect pattern for each purpose and save it in a bank, such as when you want to create excitement in an easy-to-understand manner such as big room or EDM, or when you want to connect to songs of a different BPM or genre. Compared to other knobs, these are easier to turn and have a heavier feel for a higher performance feeling.

#1Pioneer DJ / DDJ-400

A 2ch PCDJ controller for rekordbox DJ. The DDJ-400 is a strong ally for those who want to start DJing casually and those who feel a simple DJ app such as on a smartphone or tablet in unsatisfactory. Its biggest features are the ease of operation and a number of functions that are easy-to-use even for DJ beginners. Compared to the conventional "DDJ-RB", which was popular with beginner DJs, the price range remains the same, but the finish follows the functions and design of higher-end models. The effects knobs that were previously placed at the top of the platter (where the turntable turns) have been moved to the center of the mixer, giving it the impression that the operability of the standard DJM series is within reach. The tempo fader is also located far from the back of the controller, next to the PAD of each deck, and close to the player's point of view. This is a layout that follows the standard CDJ series in the field, and intended for those who say, "I want to practice in the same environment as the equipment in the club!. "DDJ-400" is compatible with Pioneer DJ's official "rekordbox" DJ software. Among the many software programs available, this is a DJ software that is quite easy to use for those who are just starting DJing. Of course, it is compatible with a Japanese environment, and it also has a tutorial function that explains the functions and how to use them. The song analysis and highly relevant song extraction functions are also highly accurate, and there is no doubt that it will be encouraging when playing songs of multiple genres as well as four-on-the-floor dance music. This is recommended for those who have bought the equipment but do not want to feel frustrated!

PCDJ controller recommended equipment comparison list

Product image DDJ-400 DDJ-FLX6 DDJ-SB3 TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3 DJ2GO2 Touch
Manufacturer Pioneer DJ Pioneer DJ Pioneer DJ Native Instruments NUMARK
Estimated price (incl. tax) ¥29,700 ¥72,600 ¥29,700 ¥30,800 ¥8,980
Compatible software (free) Rekordbox rekordbox ・ Serato DJ Pro Serato DJ Lite TRAKTOR PRO 3 Serato DJ Lite
(Width x Height x Depth)
Approx. 48.2 x 5.85 x 27.2cm Approx. 67.6 x 6.87 x 34.57cm Approx. 48.26 x 27.24 x58.5cm Approx. 48.6 x 5.9 x 26.5cm Approx. 31.4 x 1.6 x 8.6cm
Weight 2.1 kg 3.8 kg 2.1 kg 2.36 kg 0.34kg

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"PCDJ controllers are good, but I want to DJ with more authentic equipment!” or, "I want to DJ in a simple environment without using a PC!", the XDJ series all-in-one type controller is your best choice. Music management can be done with a USB memory stick! The simplicity of being able to play immediately by inserting the USB memory stick containing the songs! A liquid crystal display is mounted in the center of the controller, eliminating the need to move back and forth between the computer screen and the controller as with conventional models!
It is a little difficult to choose as your first machine, but it is recommended for those who want to upgrade their home practice environment, and for DJs who are thinking about bringing their own equipment to live houses and outdoor events.

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This time I featured PCDJ controllers, but I would like also like to introduce other DJ equipment in a ranking format as well as recommended and popular models!
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[Sound House Hot Selling Product Ranking]
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Native Instruments / TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3 DJ Controller

Native Instruments


¥25,455(excl. tax)¥28,000(incl. tax)

PCDJ controller, TRAKTOR PRO 3 included, 2ch compatible, USB bus power, microphone input system installed


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NUMARK / DJ2GO2 Touch Serato DJ Lite付属DJコントローラー


DJ2GO2 Touch Serato DJ Lite付属DJコントローラー

¥8,163(excl. tax)¥8,979(incl. tax)

2ch DJコントローラー、Serato DJ Lite付属、SoundCloudストリーミング対応、ヘッドホン出力/メイン出力可能、マルチパッド搭載


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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-400 rekordbox dj用2ch PCDJ 【厳選】ノベルティ2点付属

Pioneer DJ

DDJ-400 rekordbox dj用2ch PCDJ 【厳選】ノベルティ2点付属

¥27,000(excl. tax)¥29,700(incl. tax)

DJコントローラー、2ch、rekordbox dj専用(無償ダウンロード)、【厳選】DJ必携アイテムをプレゼント中

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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-FLX6 rekordbox&Serato DJ Pro対応【厳選】ノベルティ付属

Pioneer DJ

DDJ-FLX6 rekordbox&Serato DJ Pro対応【厳選】ノベルティ付属

¥66,000(excl. tax)¥72,600(incl. tax)

DJコントローラー、4ch、rekordbox dj/dvs対応、Serato DJ Pro対応、初回分 Pioneer DJロゴ入りマスクプレゼント

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Pioneer DJ / DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Lite用2ch PCDJ 【厳選】ノベルティ2点付属

Pioneer DJ

DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Lite用2ch PCDJ 【厳選】ノベルティ2点付属

¥27,000(excl. tax)¥29,700(incl. tax)

DJコントローラー、2ch、Serato DJ Lite付属(無償ダウンロード)、【厳選】DJ必携アイテムをプレゼント中

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