“Day of Hardcore Techno 2020” for club music lovers!! ~Recommended HAPPY HARDCORE TECHNO special feature~


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Last year, some friends of mine held a DJ party, and I had the chance to visit Osaka to participate as a DJ. On the day after the event, my friend took me to a record shop near Nanba station! After digging around a little with my friend who loves slightly older Happy Hardcore, we found some old treasures with many great songs! I was so excited that didn’t even notice how empty my wallet got...
Lately I haven't gone out to play very much, but I'd sure like to go there again someday.

So this time, we’re having a special feature on HAPPY HARDCORE TECHNO!!
Let's spend some HAPPY times on “THE DAY OF HARDCORE TECHNO” on August 5th of this year!!

Advertising before the main story! On 8/2 (Sunday), the festival will start at CIRCUS TOKYO like last year!! And it’s called


Together with this year's event, simultaneous live streaming (free viewing!) will also be going on, so even those who cannot physically get to the venue can participate. If you don't usually listen to hardcore techno, why don't you join us just have a great time?

●Broadcast URL

In addition, admission is usually free, but considering the situation, it is necessary to purchase a direct support pass that allows only 100 people to participate on a first-come, first-served basis.

TDOH Direct Support Pass
・Local participation pass
・3,000 yen-/2 drink tickets included
・Apply with Peatix. Payment on the day (first come, first served)

*You will be advised via Peatix of any changes or cancellations. For more information regarding the event, such as opening times and performer information, please check Peatix's THE DAY OF HARDCORE official website.


So, the main story! The special feature this time? We will be talking about HAPPY HARDCORE TECHNO, as well as about the history of HAPPY HARDCORE and song recommendations from various related sub-genres!

■ Old School (Breakbeat Hardcore)

Old School is indispensable when talking about happy hardcore. Overseas, it is also called Breakbeat Hardcore or Hardcore Rave, but Old School itself cannot be called "hardcore". But its development lead to the genre called hardcore techno. It's similar to hardcore techno, and was popular even at the peak of Juliana Tokyo. In Japan, it is also a genre that was actually called Juli-tech (Juliana’s Tokyo Techno) at the time. Musical features include orchestral hits, pianos with sharp KORG / M1 highs, and breakbeats. ■おすすめ曲Recommended song

○ Recommended song Take It To The Top / Channel X (1994)

■ Gabber (Gabba) / Rotterdam Techno

This is a hardcore techno genre that originated in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the Netherlands at the time, there were musical factions centered on Amsterdam and on Rotterdam. British music was popular in Amsterdam at the time, and this is a genre created in response to that, and is also called Rotterdam Techno in Japan. It is characterized by a distorted kick drum, and harsh sampling. The song below was also used in the disco scene in the TV drama "I Can't Tell Anyone", in which a character played by Shiro Sano danced to the song. The song became popular in Japan when Denki Groove Takkyu Ishino played it all night.

○ Recommended song Alles Naar De Klote!!! / Euromasters (1992)

■ Happy Hardcore

Happy Hardcore is a genre that has evolved over the ages from old school. The kick is often distorted in earlier songs, and it is obviously heavily influenced by gabber. Though it’s called “happy,” it doesn't have to be in major key. This genre will lead to the later UK Hardcore genre, and is also heavily influenced by Trance. There were many songs below 160 BPM in Old School, but the tempo gradually increased during the transition. Another feature is that the considerable differences between the first half and the second half of the era. It seems it was swept away in the latter half of Juliana Tokyo, and in the latter half of the 1990s, as the Eurobeat trend started, and became a fashion in Japan even though it was still small scale.

○ Recommended song Can’t Stop Raving / Dune (1995)

By the way, I will also introduce a part of how Happy Hardcore has changed since then.

■ Freeform Hardcore

A genre derived from Hard Trance and High Energy. With the use of acid lines reminiscent of the ROLAND / TB303, rolling bass and super saws, you can see that it is heavily influenced by Trance. The kick is often a Trance-oriented hard core kick, like the latter Happy Hardcore. Although the flow has weakened in recent years, this Trance style kick drum was also used in EDM, which was popular in the early 2010s, and it is said that electronic music now is entirely derived from Trance and Techno. This is not an exaggeration XD

○ Recommended song Hardcore Toccata (Kevin Energy Remix) / Kevin Energy & The Ultimate Raver (2011)

■ UK Hardcore

This is my favorite genre and I posted the blog HARDCORE TECHNO last year. Most of the famous UK Hardcore composers are from Europe, partly because the genre originated in England. It was originally characterized by a strong influx of trance elements into hardcore, but since the EDM fashion spread in the 2010s, it has shifted more in that direction. You're Shining by Darren Styles introduced below is a song born of this genre with trance as the main axis, which is evidenced by the fact that he himself produced a trance version as well. If anything, I like later Happy Hardcore to UK Hardcore from the early 2010s.

○ Recommended song You’re Shining (Hixxy Remix) / Styles & Breeze (2002)

After talking about this, I realize I want to listen to the music of this era on a record rather than a CD!! I’m looking for records with these songs, so if you have any, please contact Nishida lol. I don't even have a record player though I'm interested in buying records… Here's the turntable that I’m interested in right now!

RELOOP / RP-8000 MK2

This is a mysterious, convenient turntable for DJs -- even though it's intended for playing analog records, it has a CDJ-like CUE function on a pad, sampler assignment, and BPM digital display when using DVS. The torque can be adjusted, and the time to play/stop can be adjusted between 0.2 seconds and 6 seconds.

Pioneer DJ/ PLX-1000

What ca I say? Pioneer DJ is synonymous with turntables!! The torque is strong at 4.5 kg/cm or more, and you can easily play the turntable like a battle DJ. The tempo control knob is easy to grip and is weighted just right. Above all, the LED that illuminates the spinning disk is cool. It also has excellent vibration damping and the needle does not skip easily.


The SPIN is recommended for those who want to perform scratches and DJ MIX effortlessly (that is, people like me). It's a great product that runs on commercially available batteries and rechargeable batteries, and it has a built-in 3W speaker. With a USB recording function, it can be enjoyed both at home and outdoors. Also, since it comes with a 7-inch scratch vinyl, it is also recommended for full-fledged battle DJs.

Let's have a hardcore techno summer! I’m looking forward to returning to a safe world in which we can pop off to a record store and search for treasures!

See you!



RELOOP / RP-8000 MK2 SERATO DJ Pro対応ターンテーブル


RP-8000 MK2 SERATO DJ Pro対応ターンテーブル

¥74,700(excl. tax)¥82,170(incl. tax)

ターンテーブル、Serato DJ Pro対応、パッドセクション搭載、トルク調節可能、液晶ディスプレイ搭載、回転速度切り替え可能〈33 1/3・45・78rpm)

ブログ有り 動画有り



RELOOP / SPIN スピーカー内蔵ポータブル・スクラッチターンテーブル


SPIN スピーカー内蔵ポータブル・スクラッチターンテーブル

¥27,200(excl. tax)¥29,920(incl. tax)





Pioneer DJ / PLX-1000 プロフェッショナルターンテーブル

Pioneer DJ

PLX-1000 プロフェッショナルターンテーブル

¥72,000(excl. tax)¥79,200(incl. tax)



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