I went to see the live event Love Yourself, Be Free Tour 2020!


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On Tuesday, February 11, we participated in the live event "Love Yourself, Be Free Tour 2020" held at the international vegetable and spice bar "seeds" near Narita Station.

First of all, let me introduce the shop!! To get to "seeds" , go out the east exit of JR Narita Station and enter to the right of the police box on the left hand side, follow the gentle curve downhill you’re your foot on the brakes, and a stylish shop will appear on the left

It is a renovated old private house, and the interior is decorated to the best the two shopkeepers can do ♪ And this is used for the background music PA system in the shop.


Soundcraft / Notepad-12FX

■Power Amplifier




As expected, YAMAHA!! Stable high-quality sound.
The staff who arranged the PA on this day also liked this space very much, and the basic sound was really good, so setting up the sound only took a short time ♪ everyone said

I arrived a little early on the day, and first thought about how to route the cables.

I brought the Soundcraft / Ui16 mixer for the event, but I had to wire it from the back of the playing space to the Notepad-12FX at the counter. This time, the tickets were sold out and it was expected to be standing-room-only, so I tried to go route the cables via the ceiling instead the floor. Here is what it looked like

There was a good gap between the rails and the ceiling, and it was just perfect for routing the cables.

I was worried about noise because the rail was alsoo a power supply. But from the results, I was very satisfied as there was no noise and that the appearance was neat.

The Ui16 was being operated via a laptop computer and an iPad on this day. Now that we're ready to create some sound, we'll introduce the special equipment we brought in!!

① JBL / EON ONE Compact

This is not just a cute powered speaker. This is a super-compact speaker with a 4ch mixer that can be connected in various ways, JBL Compact Connect wireless control app compatible, and a battery that can be driven for up to 12 hours. It’s an irresistible speaker to use. This time, the distance from the musicians was quite short, so I put it on a table pointing it directly at their faces.

② Aspen Pittman Designs / Spacestation V.3

The transcendent "3D stereo" sound that even sliences a crying child!! The Center Point Stereo original technology covers a range of about 300°!!

Hanaboo and Hanabusayuki gave a wonderful review ♪

"With a spacy feel, the warm, natural sound is impressive! Until now, I never had a good impression of keyboard amplifiers, feeling that the sound was not properly EQ:ed, and that the tone of live musical instruments tended to be false. But the Spacestation V.3 it was completely fearless. I was very impressed with the clear sound as if you were listening through headphones, and the realistic sense of range.
The stereo feeling that can be felt from the single cabinet is also outstanding. It was also surprising that spatial effects such as reverb and delay could be delicately expressed. While matching the acoustic guitar perfectly, the keyboard sound soared forward without being buried in the performance, even when using synchronization. Restrictions that are common in such as small-scale live performances and rehearsals, in environments where it is difficult to create an appropriate sound field, are limited. I think it matches the Japanese music environment very well. Great! "

The rehearsals went smoothly without any major problems, but what impressed me here was, in a nutshell, the friendship of the four members. They were so respectful to one another, trying to find the best way to sing the main vocals comfortably and convey the feelings of the song to the customers. “Here, I’ll connect it like this, with the low range sounds like this for a more pleasant sound….” The details were hammered out on the spot, and each member responded immediately. It was amazing!! And then there’s Kurosu-san running the PA trying to fill the requests and wishes of the musicians. The Lexicon reverb built into Ui-16 is excellent, and he just said that using the presets as is gives a nice reverb ♪

Speaking of one thing I did, I wanted to go outside and watch a cute video of my daughter, but there was no sound from my smartphone. I thought it was strange, but I could hear my daughter giggling from the EON ONE Compact!? Let's be careful about unconscious device pairing ww

The customers are lined up before the shop opened, and it was full soon after it opened.

Aimi Mukohara
No introductions necessary -- Narita's own singer-songwriter Aimi. All I can say is, she has a voice that attracts people. There may be a lot of people in the world who are good at singing, but everyone has one right? A favorite voice. That ONE. This time, she sang a new song, and it was fantastic ♪ I was so impressed that tears spilled out during the song, and not only me, but also everyone at the venue was impressed.

Furui Riho
This time, I heard Riho's songs for the first time, but I was hooked in a moment. Especially when I heard "Rebirth" during rehearsal. I was, like, "What is this cool song!?!?" I wanted to buy a single but it was already sold out, so I secretively immediately downloaded it on iTunes and returned while listening to the loud music w "Airgatou song", with MC, was an deep expression of Riho's appreciation for her family. Some of the customers were crying. It was such a wonderful song that I also cried. “Do What makes you happy”, “dislike”, and “Valentine” were all amazing

Yamamoto Takuji
I’d heard about Takuji from the Radio Taps event in front of Narita station, and though I couldn’t go on that day, I saw the live video posted by everyone and I learned about him without actually attending the event lol I was very happy to hear "Desperado" live ♪ I thought it was so cool that he could express himself with such a song. The chords touched me right away, and not only the passion, but also the gentle and all-out MC and the song "Doremi no Wa" were very good.

Hanabusa yuuki
This is the musician I met for the first time here. From the start, he said "Please call me Hanaboo", and I was very grateful to him for breaking the ice and pulling me out of my shyness w I was impressed by Hanaboo's in a number of ways. Of course, the performance was simply as good as it can get, and the speed of his on-the-spot response was BAD (in the good sense). It’s like he faces each song with all of his effort, no holds barred. It was impressive is how the three vocals could sing comfortably, maximizing the good of each song, and seriously conveying the depth to the customers. During the time between the 1st half and the 2nd half, I heard someone say, "I want Takuji to sing his best version of desperado".

What remains in my mind is that Aimi, Riho, Takuji, and Hanabu respect each other sincerely and love both musicians and individual people. Watching the expressions and hearing their voices during the performance, and the way they sang looking at each other, I was able to get a great deal of information. When I first saw it and felt it, I knew that everyone in that place surely shared the same happy feeling.

It's an era where you can easily listen to music on CDs and download tunes, but live music is definitely better. Listening to the raw sound with your ears, feeling the hot air that you can only feel on the spot with your skin, watching scenes that you can only see at that moment with both eyes wide open, I was able to enjoy it with my entire body ♪

In addition, it was a wonderful night that made me really wish I could experience again somewhere.

■set list
1. Angel / Aimi Mukouhara
2. A Boy / Takuji Yamamoto
3. Do What makes you happy / Riho Furui
4. 10 thousand hours / Takuji Yamamoto
5. 星を探しにいこう / Aimi Mukouhara
6. 嫌い / Riho Furui
7. Rebirth Riho Furui
8. ドレミの輪 / Takuji Yamamoto
9. バレンタイン / Riho Furui
10. Shoe me / Aimi Mukouhara
11. Pretty Lies / Aimi Mukouhara
12. Desperado / Takuji Yamamoto
13. 有難うsong / Riho Furui
14. シスター / Aimi,Riho
15. 恵ちゃん /Takuji Yamamoto
16. Best Part / All
17. さぼてん / Aimi Mukouhara

■Event details
“Love Yourself, Be Free”, which was held in Shibuya and Sapporo last year and was a great success, landed in Narita for the first time! A gorgeous collaboration live by Narita-born SSW Aimi Mukohara and her allies @furui_riho and @imananji_takuji will be held at [seeds].

“Love Yourself, Be Free Tour 2020“
February 11, 2020 (Tue)
OPEN 17:00 START 19:00
Narita SEEDS
¥ 2,500 + 1 drink
Aimi Mukohara × Furui Riho × Takuji Yamamoto w / Yuki Hanabusa (Kb.)
842-2 Hanazakicho, Narita-shi, Chiba

営業部 / 河西 政佳


Aspen Pittman Designs / Spacestation V.3

Aspen Pittman Designs

Spacestation V.3

¥89,800(excl. tax)¥98,780(incl. tax)

Powered speakers, 8", 6.5", 1", 100W + 100W + 40W + 40W, 14.2kg


ブログ有り 動画有り



JBL / EON ONE Compact


EON ONE Compact

¥54,800(excl. tax)¥60,280(incl. tax)

Portable PA, 8 inches, 150W (PEAK), rechargeable, 8kg


ブログ有り 動画有り



Soundcraft / Notepad-12FX



¥15,800(excl. tax)¥17,380(incl. tax)

Analog Mixer, 12ch (4 mono + 4 stereo), built-in effects, USB I/O


ブログ有り 動画有り



YAMAHA / CBR10 SR speaker


CBR10 SR speaker

¥24,000(excl. tax)¥26,400(incl. tax)

SR speaker, 10", 350W, 8Ω, 1 piece

ブログ有り 動画有り



YAMAHA / P2500S Stereo power amplifier


P2500S Stereo power amplifier

¥45,300(excl. tax)¥49,830(incl. tax)

Power amplifier, 250W x 2 (8ohms), 2U, 14kg








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CLASSIC PRO / Alkaline Battery

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