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While the mood of self-restraint continues, live music venues, restaurants, and various other businesses are taking various measures to support the restaurants in our town of Narita. I'd like to introduce[SAVE THE NARITA RESTAURANTS], a campaign that wants to preserve the culture of Narita's restaurants.

The representatives are Mr. Kanno and Mr. Hara, who run the vegetable and spice bar [seeds].
They have always been a big supporter of the Narita music event "Narita no Okage" and "Good To Be Home".

At times such as this, even though we all thought that we could work together to overcome the obstacles, in fact, for those who did not know how to support the restaurants, they took action as soon as possible and this is taking shape. We can only thank them.

Narita is a city where music and food are closely connected.
On the weekend, you can gather at an izakaya with everyone from work, then go to a bar or a British pub, listen to the music, dance, and even get together with people from other countries to enjoy the atmosphere with different people and welcome the morning. Before you know it, you're chatting with the people next to you, and before you know it, you're friends. The circle of people connected by such music and food is expanding rapidly. I have met many people through this style. In Narita, there is music that can be enjoyed by anyone to enrich your life, and restaurants that are so delicious that you will be lost as to where to eat out.

At the moment, everyone is in the same frame of mind, avoiding going out as much as possible and hoping for a quick turnaround. But someday we'll all be together again, face to face, laughing with each other, clinking chilled jugs together and eating!

Now, a group of musicians with ties to Narita came up with a very beautiful cheer song!


We've got some of the best musicians you'll ever meet on Good To Be Home, and Narita no Okage

It's the most heartfelt song ever!
Please give it a listen!


Music and Lyrics Written by 向原 愛海, Hiro-a-key, 杢太郎 (Pablo), P.O.P Arranged and Mixed by 小野寺 両


●Guest Musicians from Narita

  • Atom from VINS (guitar)
  • 高松 太樹 (keys)
  • 石田 玄紀 (saxphone)
  • 原 聡良 from Seeds (percussion)

There may still be some uncertainty, but I believe that if our hearts are connected, we can work hard and get through this.

I personally supported the [SAVE THE NARITA RESTAURANTS] project by using meal vouchers. Once it's all settled, I'm hoping everyone in the company will barge in and enjoy drinks and food like a bathhouse (laughs).

The following is the website above [Don't lose to New Corona! We want to support the restaurant culture in Narita!

-Introduction -

We are Shota Kanno and Satoshi Hara, and we’re running a vegetable and spice bar called "seeds" in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture from February 2020.

The restaurant is located at the gateway to Japan, and in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, we have prepared a menu for vegans, which is still rare in Narita City.

-The impact of Corona puts Narita's restaurants in danger of survival. I would like to send encouragement to the local restaurants that are working hard. -

In the first week, we had a lot of customers because we had just opened, and it was very busy.
However, as the news of the new Corona virus increased, the number of customers began to drop off, and reservations for welcome and farewell parties were cancelled one after another.

After February 13, when the first deaths from the new Corona virus in Japan were reported in the news, the number of customers dropped sharply, making it a time that required painful patience for an opening month.

Nevertheless, we were able to get through this by getting help from our regular customers and close associates and cutting our salaries, when on April 7, a state of emergency was declared.

At last, we have no choice but to take measures for future sales.

When we interviewed the stores that have taken the plunge into new services such as lunch, take-out, bento delivery, and online sales, in response to Corona, we found that none of them felt that there was a clear response, and most responded that it was "better than not doing anything" while suspending operations.

(I think this kind of effort is also necessary.)

As I continued to gather information on the Internet and other sources, I learned that a project was being launched in other areas of the city in which restaurants in the city were being brought together and cloud funded to sell meal vouchers for the future and call for donations.

With so many shop owners exhausted from anxiety, we felt that your messages of support and encouragement would motivate and encourage the local restaurants who are working hard to break through the current situation and decided to launch this project.

-About the restaurants in Narita-

Perhaps because the city is an international airport city, there are a lot of foreign crew members and tourists from the airport, and there is a mix of global and local customers.

The town of Narita has a wide variety of restaurants and genres, including long-established restaurants with a history of more than 100 years, eel restaurants, new restaurants for young people including us at seeds, bars that serve as a social gathering place for airline crews, and a British pub...just looking at the cityscape was a surprise to tourists and visitors from outside the city and prefecture.

A foreign pilot who just happened to be sitting next to me at a bar counter and a friendly local man were toasting each other even though they don't speak the same language...I think this is one of many precious scenes that only a restaurant in Narita City can offer.

Just as the city was getting more and more energetic as new shops were opening in the lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we were hit with the Corona Shock crisis.

It's no longer just about prolonging the life of only our own stores.

We want to protect the food and drink culture of Narita City, which has many different kinds of attractive restaurants!

When we get through the Corona crisis, I want to make a toast at one of my favorite eateries in this city!

I hope this sentiment can be conveyed to you.

And it's not just the restaurants in Narita that are struggling. I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences and prayers for good health to everyone in Japan who have been suffering so much from the new Corona, and I hope that by creating a movement like this, I can deliver even a little sign of a brighter future.

営業部 / 河西 政佳






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