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傷彦 & ホーリー 傷彦 & ホーリー

First of all, "Almost Famous"

The manuscript sent by the honor student to a local magazine caught the eye of Rolling Stone magazine, and they decided to allow him to accompany a rock band tour. A story of encountering the beautiful girl, Penny Lane, and growing up in the world of rock.

The rock band guitarist is playing ...

It's a Les Paul.

Yeah, it's the Gibson Les Paul standard Cherry Sunburst. The pickup is a zebra, which gives it a sense of the times.

You can see Les Paul on the DVD jacket, but ...

Oh, I think it's probably the same one.

The movie is set in the 70's. A hard rock band from that time was the model, so I'm convinced that a Les Paul was selected. I think there were more choices in the 80's.

Next is "Detroit Rock City"

It's the title of a KISS song, and it's a movie in which they also appear.

Yeah, in the live scene, the KISS members seem to be using their usual instruments.

Gene Simmons has his signature model.

Yup! Ace Frehley has a Gibson Les Paul. It's a cherry sunburst similar to the one in "Almost Famous", but I think it's a Les Paul Custom because there are three pickups and the position markers are blocks.

Is it a 70's model that Ace is using? He used a three pickup. Smoke came out of the pickup while he was playing (laughs)

Next is "THE ROCKER "

Fish, who was a drummer of a big band, decided to join his nephew's high school student band.

The guitarist of Vesuvius, the band that the movie was based on, uses a Jackson V. Is the bassist using an Ibanez with a pink body?

It’s set in the 1980s. Probably part of the image of LA metal. "Whitesnake" appears in the conversation. They’re a so-called technical band, aren't it?

And in the practice scene of the nephew's band, both the guitarist and the bassist are using Fenders.

This is the 2000s. The guitar is a Stratocaster. By this time, there are no musical instrument brands that dominate the era anymore. They chose a safe place ... Is it like that?

Yeah, and the bass is Mustang Bass. Having a female bassist, it reminds me of alternative bands such as Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Darcy (Smashing Pumpkins).

It also reflects the times in a sense. By the way, this movie starts from the place where the main character gets fired from the band before debut, but in a certain scene at the beginning, Pete Best, who is also dismissed from the Beatles just before their debut, appears in one scene. They're doing it. It's a story you often hear, but it's sad (bitter smile)

Next is "Rock Star"

An enthusiastic rock fan suddenly becomes a real rock star one day ...

You're in a band you like, how do you feel about this one?

It's a story of a band with a person I admire, but ... you also makes sound sources with various legendary guitarists in your solo activities. I also play a band with Sekiguchi, a former member of C-C-B that I used to listen to a lot. However, joining a band is ... oh. That's the same for Tommy Thayer of KISS. He was originally in the KISS army, and he was also a KISS tribute band.

That's right! Now let's look at the equipment. First of all, there are many cabinets!

This movie looks like it’s the 80's, but at the end it's a bit like the 90's ... I don't know (laughs), and most of the movies like this use Marshall.

And the guitar is Gibson Flying V with the body surface finished like an iron plate!

It looks hard and heavy.

The other guitarist uses an Explorer! It’s pretty aggressive with one unique model on top of another!

Well, most of the time, one person tends to go for an orthodox model ...

Moreover, if you look closely at the pickup, the pole piece is a bar type! It looks like it anyway!

The details are elaborate. Or rather, we look closely at the details (laughs) By the way, the members of this band are not actors, but real musicians. Zakk Wylde ... Personally, I think it’s star-studded casting! (Lol)

Next is "School of Rock"

Jack Black, who plays the main character, strums the guitar! Screams! Laughs! It's a rock movie that you can enjoy. This seems to be broadcast on TV quite a bit ... Jack Black originally played a band, and it's just an addictive role.

As you can see on the jacket picture, the main character's favorite axe is his Gibson SG. A model with a large pickguard.

It's astringent. Is that Jack's selection? The boy he plays with uses a Flying V.

What was the bass used by the girl bassist?

It was a unique and huge-headed bass. I saw that for the first time.

Looking at the body, it has a hollow body-like look, and it was a mysterious bass, so let's investigate this one day.


And then "This is Spinal Tap"

It's a fictional documentary film about the messy tour of the legendary band This Is Spinal Tap. At the time, it was a cult classic that was always played on band tour buses.

It's funny, it's ephemeral from the band man's point of view, and I think about it in many different ways.

It is funny, isn’t it? The band is in decline, so it's said that it's a little painful while laughing.

Speaking of equipment, first of all, the white Gibson SG. Even so, SG is an instrument whose image changes considerably depending on the color, such as white, black, and cherry.

I think the white SG is a little unusual, but ... the SG has a strong image of the cherry version the "School of Rock" mentioned earlier. Is it available in black too? Tony Iommi or Angus Young. Is that how they try to differentiate from one another?

The other guitarist uses a Strat type with a maple fingerboard.

That’s fairly normal. So, the amp line-up is all Marshalls. The bassist uses a B.C. Rich Mockingbird.

Is that just like the 70's and 80's? You can feel the times.

The costumes and the stage set are getting bigger ... That's exactly what it was like at that time.

Well, the last one is "Still Crazy"

Twenty years after the popular rock band Strange Fruit disbanded, they plan to reunite, but there are many challenges ahead ...?

Oh yeah, it's basically a comedy.

The era is set 20 years after the band’s heyday in the 70's, so maybe it's about the 90's? What equipment do they use?

An orthodox Stratocaster. Fender's orthodox unit right down to the strap.

The bass is also like a solid Jazz Bass.

Looking at it like this, I think there are more Gibsons.

That's right. I feel that Gibson has more of a rock image.

Hard rock and heavy metal are easier to parody, but I feel like I want to experience the power to perform in halls and arenas in those days.

Certainly. This time, I chose a so-called band movies from my DVD collection and watched them from the viewpoint of equipment, but all of them are recommended as movies as well. Of course, playing an instrument is also recommended, but sometimes it's okay to immerse yourself in this kind of movie world ... It's still difficult to go out because of COVID-19. It seems that there are a lot of people who cannot go home or go out even during the New Year’s holiday.

Yeah. However, it's a world of rock bands where dreams and fragility live together! I want to use special equipment to survive this! Yes, and everything?

Is for love!




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