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An effect that allows you to put out or withdraw the sound of a specific frequency band such as HI / MID / LO, or turn it off completely. 3-BAND is common for DJ applications.


Generally, a low pass filter that cuts a certain frequency or higher, and a high pass filter that cuts a certain frequency or lower. The former is "muddy". The latter sounds like "tinny".


An effect that causes "delay" in the sound. There are many types, such as ping-pong delay, in which the sound jumps from side to side, and tempo delay, etc. where the delay time can be changed according to the tempo of the music, which is suitable for DJ play.


An effector that uses the interference of two sounds, the sound being played back and the delayed sound, to create a pulsating jet-like sound. Also called jet.


An effect that simulates reverberation. Sound effects like in a bathroom or in a tunnel can be obtained.


To divide the sound left and right. A combination effect such as pan delay, which combines PAN and delay, is also often used.


A playing method that repeats the same section. In dance music, it is also called LOOP music, and it is a method of construction of music that repeatedly develops bars as short as 4, 8 and 16 beat bars and develops them gradually.

The 10th DJ Lesson! What did you think of the "effector" lesson? ? Some DJ mixers and CD players have built-in effectors. In addition, let's add width to the play by making use of effectors that are suitable for your playing style.


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